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Người gửi: Trịnh Ngọc Cường
Ngày gửi: 13h:24' 05-11-2018
Dung lượng: 62.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1382
Số lượt thích: 2 người (Giáp Thị Thảo, Lê Thị Yến)
Name: ………………………………………………
I . Choose the word whose underline part is pronouced differently from the others.
1. A. books B. clubs C. hats D. stamps
2. A. which B. what C. who D. why
3. A. community B. computer C. museum D. custom
4. A. impolite B. night C. tradition D. slight
5. A. education B. question C. pollution D. collection
6.A. populated B. loaded C. wanted D. lived
II . Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.
1.A. people B. enough C . picture D. father
2.A. depend B. begin C .agree D. happen
3. A. father B. enjoy C. attend D. depend
4. A. determine B. pagoda C. fabulous D. convenient
5. A. enjoy B. picture C. develop D. determine
6. A.picture B. people C.agree D. visit
7.A. people B. enough C . picture D. father
8.A. depend B. begin C .agree D. happen
9. A. father B. enjoy C. attend D. depend
10. A.picture B. people C.agree D. visit
III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.
We can learn how ______ banh chung at Tet.
A. make B. to make C. making D.made
Men used ______ the bread winner of the family.
A. be B. to be C. to being
Should we try to ______ every custom or tradition which is in danger of dying out?
A. preserve B. act out C. entertain D. open
The children in my home village used to go ______, even in winter. Now they all have shoes. A. on foot B. bare-footed C. playing around D .played around
At night they used to entertain ______ by telling and acting out stories.
A. them B. their C. themselves D. themself
There is usually a ______ gap between the old and the young, especially when the world is changing so fast. A. generation B. value C. age D.old
It must be incredible travelling by dogsled. I wish I ______ it.
A. can do B. could did C. could do D.can done
Every nation has respect for their long-preserved ______. A. behaviours B. practices C. traditions D.traditonal
Once a month I went downtown to collect the post and then walked from village to village, ______ were far away from each other.
A. which B. where C. that D.where
In Viet Nam, ______ often refers to age and social position, not to wealth. A. seniority B. tradition C. generation D.culture

I also passed______ on the news I had heard from the town and the other villages.
A. in B. on C. down D. at
Giving lucky money to the young and the old at Tet is a common __ in many Asian countries.
A. behavior B. practice C. tradition D. cultural
She used to live in an igloo: a domed house ______ from blocks of ice.
A. to build B. built C. building built
I wish people in the world ______ conflicts and lived in peace.
A. don’t have B. doesn’t have C. didn’t have D. didn’t having
I have told you many times ______ the door open.
A. not leave B. not to leave C. to not leave D. not to leaving
I wish my friends spent less time ______ computer games and more time outdoors.
A. play B. to play C. playing D. played
The farmers in my home village ______ rice home on trucks. They used buffalo-driven carts.
A. used to transport B. used to be transported C. didn’t use to transport D. used
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