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Đề bài
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
Question 1.
A. sister                       B. grocery 
C. family                       D. wife
Question 2.
A. suggestion                 B. organization 
C. application                 D. communication
Question 3.
A. experience                 B. dedicated
C. enthusiast                  D. result
Choose the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the others.
Question 4.
A. enormous                   B. vulnerable
C. contribute                   D. exactly
Question 5.
A. healthy                      B. disease
C. cancer                       D. balance
Question 6.
A. muscle                      B. vessel
C. consume                   D. organ
Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.
Question 7. - “What do you think of this song?”
- “It sounds _______. I don’t like it”
A. interested                 B. bored
C. boring                      D. interesting
Question 8. Yesterday I got to the station late, but _______, the train was late, too.
A. fortunately                B. fortunate
C. unfortunate               D. unfortunately      
Question 9. That’s a very nice dress you’re wearing. - _____.
A. I’m glad you like it
B. That’s all right 
C. That’s nice
D. You’re quite right 
Question 10.  ______ is the member of a family who earns the money that the family needs.
A. Husband                  B. Breadwinner
C. Women                    D. Homemaker
Question 11. This system of the body lets us breathe in oxygen with our _______ and breathe out carbon dioxide.
A. heart                        B. lungs
C. brain                        D. intestine
Question 12. This system of the body is _______ up of our bones.
A. made                        B. taken 
C. done                         D. got
Question 13. _____ is the controller of the body. Led by the brain and nerves, it allows us to move, talk and feel emotions.
A. Circulatory system
B. Digestive system 
C. Nervous system
D. Skeletal system
Question 14. I often ______ at the market near her house.
A. clean the house
B. shop for grocery
C. do the cooking 
D. feed the cat
Question 15. “Suoi Mo”, the debut album  by Trinh Cong Son, is sweet and gentle.
A. first                     B. second
C. third                    D. new
 Find the mistake in each of the following sentences.
Question 16. Many (A) accidents is (B) caused by (C) careless driving (D).
Question 17. She can sing very beautiful (A) and dance very gracef(B) ully but she cannot do any (C) difficult math (D) exercise.
Question 18. Sometimesn (A) it is difficult (B) to avoid to drink (C) when we enjoy an informal party (D).
Question 19. It takes (A) us two (B) hours getting (C) to Nam Dinh by (D) car.
Question 20. The (A) wives are (B) also responsible to (C) the family finances (D).
Reading the following passage then answer the questions by circling the letters A, B, C or D.
John Fisher, a builder, and his wife Elizabeth wanted more living space, so they left their small flat for an old 40-metre-high castle tower. They have spent five years turning it into a beautiful home with six floors, winning three architectural prizes.
‘I love the space, and being private,` Elizabeth says. `You feel separated from the world. If I`m in the kitchen, which is 25 metres above the ground floor, and the doorbell rings, I don`t have to answer it because visitors can`t see I`m in!`
`There are 142 steps to the top, so I go up and down five or six times a day, it`s very good exercise! But having to carry heavy things to the top is terrible, so I never buy two bags of shopping from the supermarket at a time. Apart from that, it`s a brilliant place to live.`
`When we first saw the place, I asked my father`s advice about buying it, because we couldn`t decide. After paying for it, we were a bit worried because it looked awful. But we really loved it, and knew how we wanted it to look.`
`Living here can be difficult - yesterday I climbed a four-metre ladder to clean the windows. But when you stand on the roof you can see all the way out to sea on a clear day, and that`s a wonderful experience. I`m really glad we moved.`
Question 21. What is the writer trying to do in the text?
A. Describe how to turn an old tower into a house. 
B. Recommend a particular builder.
C. Describe
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