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Test 4 - Grade 6 (1) (Sách mới).

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Time: 45 minutes

1. Listen to a part of a talk by the head of 3Rs club to the members about how they should “go green”. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F). You will listen TWICE.

1. All the members of the club are new.

2. 3Rs means Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

3. Students can go green by wearing green.

4. Students can be greener if they decrease the use of plastic bags.

5. One way to be green is to release greenhouse gases.

2. Listen to Tom talking about his dream house. Tick the things in his house. There are TWO things that will NOT be in his house. You will listen TWICE.
wi-fi TV

secret entrance

diamond room

Mario posters

rainless beach



1. Read the passage. Circle A, B or C to answer each question.
Facts about ocean pollution

Plastic elements are most often found in the ocean. More than 45,000 pieces of plastic float in every square mile of ocean. Plastic is harmful and it does not break down easily.
Thousands of tons of waste and trash are thrown into the ocean every day.
Small animals take in chemical in their food. Then these small animals become food for larger animals. Finally, the largest animals at the upper level of food chain become contaminated.
Over one million sea birds and one hundred thousand sea mammals are killed by ocean pollution each year.
In some parts of the world such as Gulf of Mexico and the Baltic Sea, there are huge dead zones. There are no marine and plant lives here.
1. What is the passage mainly about?

    A. the sea pollution facts

    B. the harm of plastic

    C. the dead zones of the world

2. What is NOT mentioned about plastic in the passage?

    A. It is harmful to environment.

    B. It doesn’t break down easily.

    C. It is thought as food by animals.

3. Which part of the world can we find dead zones?

    A. Gulf of Mexico

    B. Pacific Ocean

    C. Indian Ocean

4. What is NOT true about ocean pollution?

    A. It causes the dead of sea animals.

    B. It makes plant lives impossible.

    C. It provides food for sea animals.

5. What is mentioned about sea animals?

    A. Small animals become larger animals.

    B. Larger animals live at the upper part of the sea.

    C. They all belong to a food chain.

2. Read the description of two dream houses. Match the person with the suitable dream house.
This home will be very warm. It will have a milkshake maker, smoothie maker and an ice cream maker. One of the rooms will be a puppy room with cute little puppies. The room next to it will be a movie theatre, and it can give you an arm massage and back massage.
My dream house will have a pool and a hot tub. It will also have a jetpack and a big TV. Besides, I would want two laptops and a master bedroom with a TV and a water park. Then I would want the fastest and nicest car in the world and have an ice cream maker. Also I would have a ball that can turn into a Xbox1.

0. Nam wants to live in a house with a pool.

1. Ted wants to play games

2. Tess doesn’t like cold weather.

3. Mina wants to share the house with pets.

4. May loves computers.

5. Finn wants both to watch films and to have a massage.

1. Rearrange the sentences. You cannot change the words.
Here is an example.
0. the/many/bookshop/books/in/are/there/.
Answer: 0. There are many books in the bookshop.

1. In/I/2050/will/to/travel/moon/the/.     __________________________________________________

2. My/will/electric/parents/buy/an/car
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