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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions
Question 1: I could tell from the ____ look on his face that something strange____.
A. surprising/had happenedB. surprised/would happen
C. surprising/had been happening D. surprised/happened
Question 2: I hope the soft skills course starts this term. We are all as keen as____ to get going.
A. coffee B. a gigolo C. mustard D. cornflakes
Question 3: The lecturer asked one of his students_____ his assignment or not.
A. whether he finishes B. if he has finished C. whether he had finished D. if he finished
Question 4: It cost me a fortune, but I don’t regret_____ a year travelling around the world.
A. to spend B. spending C. spent D. have spent
Question 5: Such_____ that he would stop at nothing.
A. his ambition was B. was his ambition C. ambitious was he D. he was ambitious
Question 6: Wood that has been specially treated is_____ regular wood.
A. water resistant much more than B. more than water resistant
C. much more water resistant thanD. as water resistant much more than
Question 7: The old man has recently purchased a______ cottage on the outskirts of town.
A. charming, Chinese 19th - century stone B. stone 19th –century charming Chinese
C. 19th -century charming stone Chinese D. charming 19th - century Chinese stone
Question 8: A golden handshake may have a _____ effect when one is dealt with the blow of redundancy.
A. cushioning B. carpetingC. pillowing D. curtaining
Question 9: In a formal debate, the same______ of persons speaks for each team, and both teams are granted an equal _____ of time to make their argument.
A. number/amount B. amount/number C. number/number D. amount/number
Question 10: The widely-publicized demonstration did not after all______.
A. go off B. come off C. get on D. break out
Question 11: According to____ National Weather Service, ____ cyclones are____ areas of circulating winds that rotate counterclockwise in____ Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in____ Southern Hemisphere.
A. the/o/the/o/o B. the/o/o/an/the C. the/o/o/the/the D. o/o/the/the/the
Question 12: I can’t believe Mr. Jackson sent us a check for $100,000, I wish____ get better acquainted with him the day he was there.
A. we are able to B. we had able to C. we were able to D. we had been able to
Question 13: _____ had the restaurant opened____ people were flocking to eat there
A. Hardly/that B. Scarcely/when C. No sooner/then D. No sooner/when
Question 14: Peter always takes a map with him_____ he loses his way.
A. if B. so that C. in case D. so
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest meaning to each of the following questions
Question 15: Despite his brilliance, he couldn’t solve the match puzzle.
A. He couldn’t solve the match puzzle, though he wasn’t brilliant.
B. He was brilliant, but he couldn’t solve the match puzzle
C. He wasn’t brilliant, but he could solve the match puzzle.
D. He couldn’t solve the match puzzle, so he was brilliant.
Question 16: Had the announcement been made earlier, more people would have attended the workshop.
A. Since the announcement was not made earlier, fewer people came to attend the workshop.
B. Fewer people attended the workshop because of the early announcement.
C. The workshop was held so late that few people attended it.
D. The workshop was held earlier so that more people would attend.
Question 17: People think that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1915.
A. The telephone thought to be invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1915.
B. It is thought that Alexander Graham Bell had invented the telephone in 1915.
C. Alexander Graham Bell is thought to have invented the telephone in 1915.
D. Alexander Graham Bell is thought to invent the telephone in 1915.
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions
Birds have evolved many physical attributes that contribute to their flying ability. Wings are important, but adjustable tails, large hearts and light bones play critical roles


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