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Ngày gửi: 16h:19' 22-09-2019
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EXERCISE 1: Use the adjectives in comparative to complete each of the following sentences.
1. My sister is (good- looking)_______ than I am.
2. A book is (wonderful)_______ than a comic.
3. Nina walks (slowly)_______ than her father.
4. She is (happy)_______ than I am.
5. This bike is (cheap)_______ than mine.
6. This house is much (comfortable)_______ than that one.
7. A dog is (heavy)_______ than a cat.
8. My pencil is (long)_______ than yours.
9. New teacher is (nice)_______ than old one.
10. Ho Chi Minh is (large)_______ than Bien Hoa.
11. Rivers are (big)_______ than lakes.
12. The Mekong river is (long)_______ than the Red river.
13. My mother is (old)_______ than my teacher.
14. Nga and Lan are (short)_______ than Minh.
15. My mother is (young)_______ than my father.
16. Ha Noi is (small)_______ than Ho Chi Minh city.
17. This boy is (tall)_______ than that boy.
18. A dictionary is (thick)_______ than a notebook.
19. Buildings are (high)_______ than houses.
20. My house is (big)_______ than yours.
21. This flower is (beautiful)_______ than that one.
22. Non-smokers usually live (long)_______ than smokers.
23. A holiday by the sea is (good)_______ than a holiday in the mountains.
24. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive)_______ than a beer.
25. The weather this summer is even (bad)_______ than last summer.
26. My brother has a (tidy)_______ room than me.
27. Australia is (big)_______ than England.
28. I`m (good)_______ now than yesterday.
29. She`s got (little)_______ friends than you, but she doesn`t care
30. Valencia played (bad)_______ than Real Madrid yesterday.

EXERCISE 2: Rewrite the following sentences.
1. Lan is taller than Hoa. → Hoa is__________________________________.
2. I am bigger than my sister. → My sister is____________________________.
3. Jane cooks better than me. → I cook__________________________________.
4. My mom is younger than my dad. → My dad is______________________________.
5. Nam is thinner than Minh. → Minh is________________________________.
6. My father is heavier than me. → I am____________________________________.
7. That tree is higher than this tree. → This tree is____________________________.
8. My shirt is older than your shirt. → Your shirt is___________________________.

EXERCISE 3: Use the adjectives in Superlative to complete each of the following sentences.
1. Everest is the (high)_______ mountain in the world.
2. Hoa is the (short)_______ girl in our class.
3. The Amazon River is the (deep)_______ river in the world
4. The Summer is the (hot)_______ season in a year.
5. The Great Wall is the (long)_______ structure in the world
6. Buildings are (high)_______ than houses.
7. Lan is the (happy)_______ student in my class.
8. Our parents are the (good)_______ people.
9. This girl is the (thin)_______ in her class.
10. The winter is the (cold)_______ season in a year.
11. That was the (funny)_______ film I`ve ever seen.
12. It was the (horrible)_______ feeling I`ve ever had.
13. Have you read her (recent)_______ book?
14. It`s the (large)_______ company in the country.
15. It was the (boring)_______ speech I`ve ever heard.
16. You`ve got the (far)_______ to travel.
17. That`s the (helpful)_______ idea so far.
18. The factory uses the (modern)_______ production methods.
19. This is the (early)_______ I`ve ever got up.
20. It was the (sad)_______ day of my life.
21. This is the (interesting)_______ book I have ever read.
22. Which is the (dangerous)_______ animal in the world?
23. Who is the (rich)_______ woman on earth?.
24. He was the (clever)_______ thief of all.
25. He thinks Chinese is (difficult)_______ language in the world.
26. Cats are not (intelligent)_______ as dogs.
27. Show me (good)_______ restaurant downtown.
28. That was the (funny)_______ film I`ve ever seen.
29. It was the (horrible)_______ feeling I`ve ever had.
30. Have you read her (recent)_______ book?
31. It`s the
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