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Ngày gửi: 10h:53' 03-10-2019
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Unit 2: cultural identity
I. closest meaning
1. these days, couples choose to tie the knot in various ways, from not having any ceremongy to having a modest affair or still going all out.
A. get engaged B. get married C. fasten the rope D. loose the tie
2. people in Korean gave books to school in Indonesia and Indonesians taught Koreans a traditional dance. This exchange helped them learn about each other’s culture.
A. simultaneously giving and receiving things . B. trying many different thing at the same time
C. the process of changing an amount of one currency D. an arrangement for two people/ parties to me
3. After years of alienation from her family, she became reconciled with them when her father fell ill.
A. contact B. reconcilement C. connection D. separation
4. Intergration and assimilation can help decrease feelings of loss and griefas the migrant starts to incorporate aspects of the majority culture.
A. happiness B. disapproval C. discrimination D. sadness
5. Some immigrants can assimilateinto the local culture immediately.
A. fit into B. segregate C. separate D. reject
6.A gradual agricultural revolution in northern Europe stemmed from concerns over food supplies at a time of rising populations.
A.result in B. result from C. Was caused by D. brought
8. Some indigenous people have a very long continuous history.
A. origin B. native C. foreign D. imported
9. Once you have been accepted as a pupil or student at the school or college, it’s against the law for them to discriminate against you due to your religion or belief.
A. above the law B. laying down the law C. By law D. within the law
10. In order to be a good member of any society the individual must respect and obey the rules of their community and share the core values.
A. necessary B. difficult C. important D. different
II. Opposite meaning
1. Globalization has had a number of detrimental impacts on cultural diversity.
A. negative B. positive C. beneficial D. great
2. I never feel completely at ease with her best friend.
A. confident B. independent C. nervous D. embarrassment
3. we do still have our culture which you will be expected to adopt over time, but that does not mean that you must abandon your own.
A. get rid of B. deprive C.remove D. maintain
4.That their products are incompatiblewith the local customs goes brankup after only a in .
A. different with B. at odds with C. appropriate for D. unsuited with
5. In this tendency of globalization, Vietnam has opportunity to integrate and exchange with other cultures in the world in order to enrich and affirm its own identity.
A. assimilate B. fit C. collaborate D. separate
6. It is difficult for a place to draw tourists while keeping its cultural heritage intact
A. in ruin B. remained C. unworn D. complete
III. Choose the best answer.
1. ADHD meds ________ wide range of benefits for children
A. take B. make C. bring D. give
2. travelling to other countries for experiencing culture diversity is a good way to get deeper _______ into that country.
A. insight B. idea C. opinion D. look
3. Over fifty thousand English words are derived ____________ the Greek language.
A. of B. off C. from D. in
4. If your thoughts and beliefs are distorted, your emotions will reflect these distortions. For example, you feel guilty; you must have done something __________.
A. precise B. wrong C. exact D. perfect
5. Vi Dam singing is a vocal art of villages in the ancestral land of Nghe Tinh. It has been _______ for generations and the oral tradition is still very much alive today.
A. handed down B. handed to C. handed out D. handed back
6. Festivals require many compulsory _________ which are carried out in a strict order from the preparation to the ending of a festival.
A. customs B. rituals C. traditions D.
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