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LISTENING (10 minutes)
Question I. Listen and write (5pts)
01. Andy`s mum`s name is _______________________
02. She works in a _______________________
03. She works _______________________ hours a week.
04. She likes _______________________ and reading.
05. She goes on holiday in a village in the _______________________
Question II. Listen and tick (√) the box (5pts)
01. Where is Anna going?

02. What did Harry watch on TV?

03. Where does Gemma want to go on holiday?

04. What is Kate`s favorite food?

05. Where was David yesterday?

READING & WRITING (35 minutes)
Part I. Read the passage and tick (v) True or False. (5pts)
My name is Trang. I live in a house near the sea. It’s an old house , about 100 years old, and it’s very small. It has two floors. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The bedrooms are upstairs. The bathroom is next to the kitchen. There is a lovely fireplace in the living room. There is a beautiful garden in front of the house. I live with my parents. I play badminton with my father in my free time. We have a lot of fun. I love my house very much.


0. Trang lives in an old house.

01. Trang doesn’t live far from the beach

02. There are five rooms in her house

03. The bedrooms are on the second floor

04. There is a garden to the left of the house

05. She plays badminton with her father in her free time.

Part II . Read the passage carefully and fill in each space with one sentence provided below. (0) is done as an example. (5pts)
My uncle Terry Miller lives in London. (0._______D_____). He goes to work every working day. (1._________________): Saturday and Sunday. He has a bicycle but he never cycles to work (2._________________). The school starts at 8.00 a.m. and finishes at 4.00 p.m. After work (3._________________) or goes swimming in the swimming pool. He comes back home at 7.00, and has dinner. After dinner, (4.________________) his students’ papers. Sometimes he watches TV. (5.________________), but he likes watching football matches on TV. He feels happy with his job.
He never plays football.
Because it is very far from his house to his school.
He has two days off a week.
He teaches Math at a school in London.
He usually plays tennis.
He is always busy marking.


Part III - Read, then choose the best answer. (10 pts)
Viet nam is..(01.). tropical country. There are only two..(02.). in Viet nam: the dry season and the..(03.). season. It oftens rains in the rainny season. The.(.04.). is wet and humid. In the dry season, it is hot..(05.). sunny. There is.(.06.). rain, so the country is very..(07).. There are thick forests and..(08.). rivers like the Mekong and the Red rivers. There are a lot of lakes and beaches,.(09).. There aren’t..(10).. deserts in Viet nam.
01. A. a B an C the D Ø
02. A. season B seasons C parts D countries
03. A. rain B rains C rainny D raining
04. A. weather B weathers C season D seasons
05. A. but B so C too D and
06. A. lot of B many C any D a lot of
07. A. fine B greening C green D greens
08. A. great B greats C big D greatest
09. A. so B too C and D but
10. A .some B much C any D a



Part I. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. (5pts)
01. and fruit juices / everyday./ drink milk / Children / should
02. the supermarket / Is /next / to/ the post office?
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