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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. nuclear B. pollute C. infrastructure D. reduce
2. A. persuade B. wrap C. deforestation D. label
3. A. flow B. household C. folk D. category
4. A. who B. what C. where D. while
II. Choose A.B.C or D to complete the sentence.
1. Tom suggested _________ to eat.
A. go out B. going out C. to going out D. going on
2. If he leaves now, he _______ catch the last train to town.
A. could B. might C. will D. all are correct
3. That river is _________ with foam.
A. littered B. ended C. thrown D. covered
4. Henry’s mother has just gone abroad. _________ , he has to look after himself.
A. Therefore B. so C. However D. Moreover
5. We need stronger laws to protect the _________ .
A. environment B. deforestation C. pollutants D. complication
6. The _________ causes many health problems.
A. treasure B. pollution C. resources D. standard
7. In a few years’ time, our houses will be _________ by solar energy.
A. replaced B. installed C. heated D. conserved
8. Television is an _________ means of communication.
A. natural B. alternative C. ineffective D. effective
III. Match the sentence in column A with other in B to make a meaningful sentence.

1. We are very tired
a. so we are saving money.

2. We want to buy a new house,
b. we will lose the job.

3. If we are late again,
c. Because we were very busy.

4. We couldn’t meet you
d. but we has to finish our homework”

IV. Choose the, word or phrase (A. B, C or D) that best fits the blank
Are you looking for a cheap, clean, effective (1)_______of power that doesn’t cause pollution or waste natural resources? Look no further than solar energy (2)______ our Sun.This power could be provided by the Sun. One percent of the solar energy that reaches the Earth is enough to provide power for the (3) ______population.Many countries are already using solar energy. Solar panels are placed on the roofs of a house and the Sun’s energy is used (4) _____ water. The energy can be stored for a number of days; so on (5)……………… days you can use solar energy, too.
1. A. source B. resource C. resources D. way
2. A. in B. from C. of D. above
3. A. all B. recent C. total D. enormous
4. A. heat B. to heat C. heating D. heated
5. A. cloudy B. cloudless C. sunny D. beautiful
V. Read the passage, and then decide whether the statements.
Pollution can kill or sicken plants, animals, and people. Pollution can change the environment. Things that cause pollution are called pollutants.Pollution can get into the air. Air pollution can irritate people`s lungs. Polluted air can mix with rain to make acid rain. Acid rain kills trees and harms fish in lakes.Pollution can also get into soil and water. From there, pollutants can get into the food chain. Plants take in the pollution from the ground. Animals that eat the plants can be harmed, too. Bigger animals and even people might eat the damaged animals.
1. Animals and people can die because of pollution.
2. In order to make acid rain, people mix polluted air and rain.
3. People call all polluted things pollutants.
4. Fish in lake are harmed by acid rain.
5. The damaged plants can directly do harm to animals’ health.
VI. Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning
1. Ride your bike carefully or you will cause accident.
If you
2. The student gets the scholarship. He is very poor.
The student………………………………………………………………………………
3. My friend failed his exam because of his laziness.
4. She ate a banana. The banana was still green.
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