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Ngày gửi: 13h:15' 27-12-2020
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Exercise 1. Mark the letter A. B. C or D to indicate the word or phrase which does not containthe same sound as the other three.
01. A. aid B. aide C. add D. ade
02. A. aisle B. all C. isle D. I`ll
03. A. they`re B. their C. there D. the
04. A. bus B. by C. bye D. buy
05. A. carrot B. carat C. carries D. caret
06. A. sense B. sent C. scents D. cents
07. A. does B. doze C. doughs D. dust
08. A. form B. four C. fore D. for
09. A. praise B. prays C. prize D. preys
10. A. cite B. site C. sink D. sight
Exercise 2. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the followingquestions.
11. Martin Luther King devoted his life to the_________ of voting right for black people.
A. effort B. realization C. achievement D. performance
12. His father used to be a_________ professor at the university. Many students worshipped him..
A. distinct B. distinctive C. distinguishing D. distinguished
13. Mark Zuckerberg`s enormous success has taken a lot of hardwork and_________.
A. indifference B. dedication C. loyalty D. reputation
14. I can`t believe she didn`t do anything for the company. I will_________ and be in charge.
A. take over B. take on C. take up D. take in
15. During the Medieval period, people were made public_________ of being witches.
A. complaint B. criminal C. trouble D. accusation
16. That disable boy`s victory in the race set the_________ example to all students in theschool.
A. finest B. first-class C. rarest D. most convenient
17. A_________ once said “It is a sweet and honourable thing to die for your country.”
A. patriotism B. patriotic C. patriot D. patrol
18. He is_________ -influenced by his father and grandfather. His behaviors and decisionsare exactly the same. A. mightily B. strongly C. terribly D. weakly
19. IPhone 7 is the latest_________ in the field of smartphone design of Apple.
A. creator B. create C. creativity D. creation
20. Einstein_________ a great impact on modern physics.
A. feels B. does C. a D. has
21. It is the underserved_________ that damaged his life and his family.
A. reputable B. repute C. reputation D. disrepute
22. At the age of 50, Robby William_________ his career after spending his twenty yearsplaying electric guitar. A. moved B. changed C. adjusted D. stopped
23. She has a wonderful voice but unfortunately, she never gets the_________ to sing inpublic.
A. event B. occasion C. ability D. chance
24. Michael Hart was the_________ of Project Gutenberg, one of the longest-lasting online library projects. A. founder B. author C. architect D. father
25. She is not a very nice girl. She seems to enjoy the_________ of others.
A. unfortune B. misfortune C. disfortune D. infortune
26. We_________ the kittens carefully and sold them for a good profit.
A. brought up B. grew up C . rose D. aroused
27. The stores will inevitably end up_________ with each other to increase their marketshares.
A. contesting B. contending C. competing D. completing
28. Bill Gates has made large donations to numerous_________ organizations.
A. charitable B. charitably C. charity D. charities
29. Thanks to the help of the teacher, she is_________ encouraging
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