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- Pronunciation: The pronunciation of the ending ‘ s’
- Grammar: Tense revision : Past simple, past progressive, and present perfect
( Qui tắc phát âm “ S “ đối với động từ ở ngôi thứ ba số ít, danh số nhiều :
( Đọc là “ s “ khi động từ, danh tận cùng la các âm : p , t , k , f , θ
Ex: gets , tops , takes , laughs
( Đọc là “ iz “ sau các âm : s , z , ge , x , sh, ch
Ex: relaxes , freezes , rushes , watches
( Đọc là “ z “ sau các âm còn : b , d , g , v , m , n , l .
Ex: describes , spends , hugs , lives ….
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others
1. A. soups B. friends C. opens D. plays
2. A. comes B. hopes C. takes D. laughs
3. A. leaves B. dishes C. hurries D. prepares
4. A. brothers B. magazines C. clothes D. makes
5. A. washes B. kisses C. oranges D. dates
II. Choose the word whose main stress is different from that of the others:
6. A. supportive B. biologist C. general D. responsible
7. A. secure B. project C. attempt D. support
8. A. cultural B. confidence C. willingly D. obedient
9. A. support B. parent C. nephew D. secret
10. A. project B. result C. familiar D. together
B. Vocabulary and Structures
I .Choose the best answer
11. How much do men share household and take ................. of their children?
A. attention B. care C. belief D. notice
12. Even when parents no longer live together, they each continue to be ................. for their children.
A. available B. perfect C. good D. responsible
13. Parents should get their children to ................. in the housework.
A. share B. do C. involve D. join
14. Everyone in the society has to act in ................. to the law.
A. agreement B. equality C. obedience D. support
15. Our teacher wants us to feel ................. about asking questions when we don’t understand any lesson.
A. confident B. confidence C. confidential D. confidently
16. Michael felt very disappointed because his mother decided to .......from his father after 20 years of living together.
A. escape B. divide C. share D. separate
17. My mother is____________dinner in the kitchen.
A. preparing B. providing C. promoting D. practising
18. It is equal to share the household_____________in a family. Husbands should help wives with housework.
A. homework B. chores C. appliances D. meals
19. My sister washed the dirty clothes. It means she does the___________.
A. rubbish B. washing-up C. laundry D. heavy lifting
20. My brother cleans plates, pans, knives, porks…after meals. It means he does the______________.
A. rubbish B. washing-up C. laundry D. heavy lifting
21. I am responsible for earning money in my family. I am a____________.
A. homemaker B. housewife C. breadwinner D. financial burden
22. My wife handles most of the chores around house. She is a_____________.
A. homemaker B. employer C. breadwinner D. assistant
23. I am responsible for taking_________the rubbish.
A. up B. in C. to D. out
24. What are the_________of equally shared parenting? – It improves relationship between husband and wife.
A. disadvantages B. benefits C. drawbacks D. weaknesses
25. He earns money. He is responsible for household____________.
A. finances B
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