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Question 1: A.identify B. application C.indicate D. chemistry
Question 2:A.published B. laughed C. practiced D. breathed
Question 3:A. hurry B.under C. pressure D. rush
Question 4:A. cooks B. loves C. joins D. spends
Question B.goat C.toad D.broad
Question 6:A.laughs B. mouths C.slopes D.presidents
Question 7:

Question 8:

Question 1: A. tremendous B. flexible C. validity D. commercial
Question 2: A. procedure B. financial C. enormous D. recommend
Question 3: A. photocopy B. enthusiasm C. particular D. economy
Question 4: A. habitat B. different C. industry D. introduce
Question 5: A. derive B. provide C. modern D. depend
Question 6.A. believe B. marriage C. response D. maintain
Question 7. A. vacancy      B. family       C. consider     D. furniture

Chooose the best answer.
Question 1: Now that they have read it in_______, they believe me.
A. red and blue B. blue and red C. white and black D. black and white
Question 2; The boy always does his homework before class_______be the teacher.
A. so that not to be punished. B. so as not to be punished
C. so as to be punished D. in order that not to be punished
Question 3: He is tired now. He_______for a long time.
A. learned B. learns C. has learned D. has been learning
Question 4: Under no circumstances_______phone the police.
A. you should B. shouldn’t you C. should you D. you shouldn’t
Question 5:_______down to dinner than the telephone rang again.
A. Not only I sat B. No sooner I sat C. Not only had I sat D. No sooner had I sat
Question 6: Li has_______; he loves cakes, chocolate, ice-cream - anything which is sweet.
A. a sweet mouth B. sweet lips C. a sweet tooth D. a sweet tongue
Question 7: The bank won`t lend you the money without some_______that you will pay it back.
A. profit B. interest C. guarantee D. charge
Question 8: Elderly people,_______, require constant attention.
many of whom are financially dependent on the government
a large number`s depending on government aid
and many of them depend on the government to finance them
who are dependent many of them on the financing from the government
Question 9: Here_______.
A. comes the teacher B. the teacher comesC. the teacher is coming D. is coming the teacher
Question 10: Feeling tired after a long day of hard work,_______.
the housework was of no interest to me.
my mother helped me with the housework.
I asked my mother to help me with the housework.
the housework was too much for me.
Question 11: She is the new television presenter ______ everyone is talking.
A. that B. whom C. about that D. about whom
Question 12: The school drama club is ______ a play for the school’s anniversary, which is due to take place next month.
A. turning up B. bringing down C. putting on D. making off
Question 13: In big cities, animals should be kept under control.(OPPOSITE)
A. out of order B. out of hand C. out of dispute D. out of discipline
Question 14: TheCity Planning Department proposed that the new highway ______ in the fiscal year 2007.
A. be built B. will be built C. would be built D. was built
Question 15: I’m looking for a ______ clock radio for my bedside table.
A. cheap white Taiwanese B. white cheap Taiwanese
C. Taiwanese cheap white D. Taiwanese white cheap
Question 16: He ______ the plants. If he had, they wouldn`t have died.
A. needn`t have watered   B. can`t have watered C. shouldn`t water   D.
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