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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
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Question 6. A. what                 B. water                           C. salt                                D. hat
Question 7. A. generation        B. question                      C. competition                  D. portion
Question 8. A. unusual            B. pleasure                       C. pleasant                        D. leisure
III. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.
Question 9. A. doctor              B. simple                          C. castle                            D. enlarge
Question 10. A. become          B. promise                       C. suggest                         D. disorder
Question 11. A. flower            B. exclude                       C. husband                        D. farmer
IV. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.
Question 12. “What would you like to drink now?” – “_________________”.
A. Yes, please                           B. No, thanks                  C. Tea, please                    D. I like nothing to do
Question 13. All the ___________ and all the drinks ___________ at the party last night.
A. eaten / drunk
B. has eaten / has drunk
C. was eaten / were drunk
D. were eaten / was drunk
Question 14. Have you ever visited Minh Mang Tomb? – Yes, I have. It ___________ in 1841 and completed three years later.
A. was constructed
B. constructed
C. is constructed
D. was construct
Question 15. We didn’t buy ___________ potatoes for lunch.
A. much                                    B. any                              C. some                             D. little
Question 16. ___________ kilos of beef do you want, Sir? – I need only one.
A. How many                           B. How much                  C. How big                       D. How large
Question 17. John loves classical music because he is good at ___________ it.
A. play                                      B. playing                        C. played                          D. to play
Question 18. The dancers in my schools learn the dance steps and how to move their ___________.
A. trousers                                B. hat                               C. bodies                           D. eyes
Question 19. Classical music is not ___________ pop and rock.
A. as exciting so
B. as exciting as
C. more exciting as
D. the most exciting as
Question 20. You need to read the instruction carefully in order to make ___________ of the things we like most.
A. models                                 B. uses                             C. photos                          D. copies
Question 21. Taking up a sport will give people ___________ and help them ___________.
A. pleasure / relaxed                
B. pleasant / relaxed
C. pleasure / relaxing
D. pleasant / relaxing
Question 22. There are so many ___________ why people should have a balanced diet.
A. answers                                B. detail                           C. facts                             D. reasons
Question 23. I’m interested in his paintings ___________ he is very creative in colours.
A. because                                B. so                                C.although                        D. and
Question 24. The boys taking part in the swimming competition are ___________ their best to win the first prize.
A. taking                                   B. making                        C. trying                            D. giving
Question 25. In order to stay in ___________ you should spend time doing exercise.
A. bed                                       B. chair                            C. fit                                 D. shape
V. Read the passage. Decide whether the statements are True (T) or False (F).
Every child should love his mother. A girl or boy learns many good things from mother. Mother teaches us to be obedient, helpful and friendly to others.
Ever since my young days I have always helped my mother in the kitchen. I get up early in the morning and help my mother prepare breakfast. Then I clean the kitchen and sweep the floor. I also help mother wash the dishes and pans.
On Sunday I follow my mother to the market and help her to carry vegetables and fish back home. Sometimes my mother asks me to cut vegetables. I also wash vegetables. I like to  give small help whenever I am free from school work.
One day when my mother was sick, I cooked dishes for lunch. My mother was very happy and told me that I should be good to everyone.
Every mother will be happy if her children help her at home.
Question26.  It’s a useful lesson for children to love their parents. ___________
Question 27. Children can learn a lot of good things from their mother. ___________
Question 28. The writer seldom helps her mother at home. ___________
Question 29. She gets up late and does nothing in the morning. ___________
Question 30. On Sunday she goes shopping alone. ___________
VI. Complete the passage with the words given.
competition / support / dancing / imitated / skillfully
Mary’s hobby is dance sport. She enjoys (31) ___________ very much. She could dance herself when she was small. She always saw clips of dancers on television and she (32) ___________ them. She has danced more (33) ___________ since her mother let her learn in a dancing club near her house. She is twelve years old now. Mary is going to take part in a dancing (34) ___________ organized by
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