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Người gửi: Lan Anh
Ngày gửi: 11h:20' 17-05-2022
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Part 1
I can’t remember the name of the garage. We had the car repaired at this garage. (Using a relative pronoun)
I’m sure that you are exhausted because you`ve been driving all day. (using A MODAL VERB to rewrite)
We didn’t go on holiday because we didn’t have enough money.
4. The porter said to me, "I`ll wake you up when the train arrives in Leeds."(using Reported speech)
5. Don’t be impatient or you will make mistakes.( If
6. The car breaks down so often because you don’t take good care of it.=> If
7. A number of suggestions were made at the meeting. Most of them were not very practical.(Using a relative pronoun)
8. "Phone to me for an answer tomorrow” the manager said to the client. (using Reported speech)
9. It is necessary to finish the project today. (using A MODAL VERB to rewrite)
10. It`s possible that Joanna doesn’t receive my message. (using A MODAL VERB to rewrite)
11. This is the first time I have ever met such a kind-hearted girl. (using Comparison)
12. My students are planting a young tree in the school yard at present. ( PASSIVE VOICE)
13. My classmate won the prize. He is sitting over there. ( RELATIVE CLAUSE)
14. Peter has more books about nature than me. (COMPARISON, using as……as )
15. The factory discharges waste into the river so it is so polluted. ( CONDITIONAL SENTENCE)
16. “ Did you help an old woman to cross the road yesterday?” she said. ( REPORTED SPEECH)
17. “ It’s time to clean up these toys and clean your hands, boys” the mother said.( REPORTED SPEECH)
18. The boy often stays up too late, so he is not wide awake during the day. (Conditional sentence)
19. They will announce the test result next week. ( Passive voice)(
20. Tell me about the problems. You discussed them at the previous meeting. ( Relative clause)( Tell
21. “ My mother is working far from home,” said Lan. ( Reported speech)( Lan
22. The boy said: “ When will you start your study tour abroad, Mary?” ( Reported speech)( The boy
23. According to many people, French is more difficult than English. ( Comparison)
( According to many people, English
24. I have to work tomorrow morning, so I can’t meet you(If.
25. You drink too much coffee, that`s why you can`t sleep. ( if
26. Susan felt sick because she got caught in the rain( if
27. He didn`t hurry so he missed the plane. (if
28. I didn’t know that you were in hospital, so I didn’t visit you. (Conditional sentence)
( …………………………………………………………………………………………………………
29. Dick often causes accidents because he drives carelessly(
30. His father often punishes him for his laziness(
Part 2
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
Question 1: A. global                     B. greenhouse      C. energy                    D. underground
Question 2: A. impact                   B. influence                 C. negative                  D. scientist
II. Find the word whose main stress is different from the others.
Question 3: A. documentary           B. personality    C. potentially               D. limitation
Question 4: A. promote              B. allow   C. system              D. agree
III. Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.
Question 5: Since the appearance of electronic devices, lessons have become more and more _____ and effective.
A. enjoyable                B. disruptive C. accessible               D. inappropriate
Question 6: Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people ______ the same language?
A. spoke                      B. speak     C. had spoken              D. has spoken
Question 7: _____ will lead to the extinction of rare animals due to the loss of their habitats, and extreme floods and land erosion.
A. Deforestation         B. Conservation   C. Depletion               D. Protection
Question 8: The Vietnamese government has done a lot to ____hunger and poverty.
A. discriminate            B. contaminate C. eliminate                 D. preserve
Question 9: Global warming has had negative impact ___ our environment.
A. in                            B. of                       C. on                           D. with
Question 10: To _____is to keep and protect something from damage, change or waste.
A. pollute                    B. preserve  C. damage                   D. deplete
Question 11: In the age of technology, you can _______ advantage of new applications which are very useful for learning English.
A. make                       B. take           C. get                          D. have
Question 12: Drinking water in this area is highly ___________ by waste.
A. pollution                 B. pollutant   
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