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Hp Group (

Đề thi TOEFL tháng 8 năm 2005
(A) He is not sure where the student-service’ office is.
(B) He recently got a new student ID card.
(C) He is too busy to go to the student-services office now.
(D) He plans to get his new student ID card on Monday.

(A) She lost the man`s calculator.
(B) She will lend the man her calculator.
(C) The calculator may be under the man`s book.
(D) The man will not have time to find the calculator.

(A) He wanted to be an artist.
(B) He is not qualified to judge the painting.
(C) The painting is not finished yet.
(D) He will find a fine arts major for the woman.

(A) She does not know where the student center is.
(B) She does not need a flu shot this year.
(C) Flu shots will not be free this year.
(D) She would like to get a free flu shot next week.

(A) He will be studying tomorrow.
(B) He will see the game at night.
(C) He does riot like baseball.
(D) He has a ticket for the game.

(A) She is not sure if she can attend the meeting.
(B) She will be out of town until Friday.
(C) She has been planning to go to the meeting.
(D) She cannot change her schedule for Friday.

(A) He will help the woman move.
(B) The woman needs to accept her current situation.
(C) The woman can move in the middle of the semester.

Hp Group (

(D) The woman is already living in the best dorm.
(A) She will help me man look for the book:.
(B) She knows where the man`s book is.
(C) She will return the book to the man later.
(D) She saw someone walk away with the man`s book.

(A) Lend the woman money
(B) Get the woman`s purse
(C) Invite the woman to lunch next week
(D) Pay for the woman`s lunch

(A) Ask the man to help her figure out how to` use her new computer
(B) Let the man use her computer
(C) Take her computer to a repair shop
(D) Help the man fix his Computer

(A) He always exercises on Wednesdays.
(B) He would like to play tennis with the woman this week.
(C) He thinks the woman plays tennis as well as he does.
(D) He always plays tennis with the same person.

(A) Professor Miller is not teaching in this semester.
(B) Professor Miller teaches anthropology. • ;
(C) The man should take a different biology course,
(D) The man is looking in the wrong part of the catalog.

(A) He will do it before he begins his other work.
(B) He will submit it on Thursday.
(C) He has already finished it.
(D) He is allowed to complete it later.

(A) She forgot about the sale books.
(B) She thinks the man should get a second job.
(C) She wants the man to move the sale books.
(D) She has changed her mind about the textbooks.


Hp Group (

(A) She does not agree that it is a stressful time.
(B) She does not feel as calm as she seems.
(C) She admires the man`s calmness.
(D) She will help the man to deal with his stress.

(A) He would like to take a break.
(B) He thinks the library will close soon.
(C) He does not want to stop working.
(D) He does not like coffee.

(A) When he is coming to visit
(B) Why he was not as friendly as
(C) Why he did not feel well
(D) What he was trying to tell her on the phone

(A) Mary is not going to the
(B) Mary does not know about the concert.
(C) The man should call Mary.
(D) The man should go to the concert without Mary.

(A) The woman was surprised by the topic of Professor Black`s lecture.
(B) The man was out able to attend Professor Black` s lecture.
(C) Professor Black missed class today.
(D) Professor Black gives challenging lectures.

(A) He does not have time to help the woman.
(B) He is not sure whether he can help the woman.
(C) He can help the woman after three o`clock.
(D) He will help the woman.

(A) Become a photography instructor
(B) Return to her old photography class
(C) Try a class at the new studio
(D) Look for a less expensive class

(A) It is hard to read.
(B) Some of the answers are wrong.

Hp Group (

(C) The professor requires that it be typed.
(D) It was not completed on time.

(A) Continue working on her paper
(B) Go out for coffee
(C) Ask the man to bring her coffee
(D) Prepare a pot of coffee for the

(A) Phone the company to ask about the job
(B) Buy a new answering machine
(C) Wait for the company to call him
(D) Assume that he did not get the job

(A) Jim might not have been
(B) Jim often changes his mind,
(C) Jim was just joking about
(D) Jim rarely tells jokes.

(A) It will take a few days for the fan to be repaired.
(B) Air conditioners will be installed on Saturday.
(C) Using the oven made the apartment hotter.
(D) The weather will cool off soon.

(A) She is not sure how long it takes to knit a sweater.
(B) She will make a sweater for the man,
(C) The wool she uses for her sweaters has gotten very expensive.
(D) Her academic schedule does not allow time for knitting.

(A) Tell the woman what time the bus will come
(B) Change his class schedule
(C) Go downtown with the
(D) Give the woman his history book
(A) She plans to attend the meeting.
(B) She thinks the meeting time will be fine for everyone.
(C) She enjoys going to basketball games:
(D) She set up the study group meeting time.


Hp Group (
(A) He read an article about Professor Monroe`s research.
(B) He does not know Professor Monroe
(C) Professor Monroe probably will talk to the woman.
(D) Professor Monroe does not like giving interviews.

(A) Inorganic chemistry
(B) Genetics
(C) Mathematics
(D) Anthropology

(A) He is waiting to hear about the woman`s research.
(B) He is more interested in DNA found in frogs.
(C) He is just twinning 10 gather the data.
(D) He avoids controversial research topics.

(A) They attack and destroy other molecules.
(B) They do not reproduce under ordinary conditions.
(C) They do not contribute to the organism that supports them.
(D) They carry the blueprints only for complex organisms.

(A) A swimming competition
(B) A singing contest
(C) The water temperature at the beach
(D) The woman`s schedule this semester

(A) They have won for the past three years.
(B) They placed second last year.
(C) They practiced for three months prior to the competition.
(D) She ihought they did not perform well.

(A) Studying in the library
(B) Practicing his singing
(C) Walking on the iieach
(D)Swimming in the ocean


Hp Group (
(A) She spent many hours on a bus.
(B) She was too busy to enjoy the beach.
(C) She had plenty of time to study.
(D) She did not have time to watch the competition.

(A) Enter a singing competition
(B) Add new members
(C) Organize a graduation party
(D) Take a trip to the beach

(A) Musicians of the early twentieth Century
(B) Early vaudeville theaters in Europe
(C) The development of American silent films
(D) The history of vaudeville entertainment

(A) Their scripts were written by famous playwright*.
(B) They featured a variety of
(C) They did not include music.
(D) They were usually performed outdoors.

(A) To acquaint audiences with a European art form
(B) To increase attendance at the vaudeville theaters
(C) To introduce new actors to the audience
(D) To enable vaudeville theaters to raise ticket prices

(A) It was performed more frequently.
(B) It featured actors from films.
(C) It became less popular,
(D) It was first accepted as serious

(A) One factor that affects the Earth`s climate
(B) The professor`s experience analyzing types of dust
(C) How to estimate temperature the ice ages
(D) The use of technological advances in studying climate


Hp Group (
(A) To find ways of improving aircraft safety in storms
(B) To discover new species of bacteria
(C) To find out whether dust contains dangerous substances
(D) To determine what types of dust are present under different conditions

(A) To explain why collecting dust is difficult
(B) To illustrate the damage that dust can cause
(C) To show how different types of dust affect the weather in different ways
(D) To give an example of how dust in the atmosphere is reduced

(A) Whether dust caused the last ice age
(B) Whether the overall effect of dust is heating or cooling
(C) How high temperatures affect the amount of dust in the
(D) How cold the planet was daring the lie ages

(A) Reasons the Mycenaeans never became successful sea traders
(B) The development and decline of Minoan and Mycenaean sea trade
(C) The influence of the Mycenaeans on the Minoans
(D) Causes of conflict between the Minoans and Mycenaeans

(A)They existed long before the Minoans began to trade by sea.
(B) They produced great wealth for the Minoans.
(C) They were established by the Mycenaeans.
(D) They were frequently attacked by the Mycenaeans.

(A) It ended the dominance of the Minoans.
(B) It resulted in increased sales of farm goods by [he Minoans.
(C) It was not serious enough to affect Sea trade.
(D) It interrupted the Mycenaean production of bronze objects.
(A) The decline of their harbors
(B) Natural disasters that destroyed their crops
(C) An increase in trade by the Minoans
(D) Politician unrest that interfered with trade.


Hp Group (

1. Drinking water-------excessive enamel of teeth to become brittle and to chip off, leaving a
stained or mottled effect.
(A) containing
(B) in which containing
(C) contains
(D) that is contained

2. Carbohydrates, -------of the three principal constituents of food, form the bulk of the average
human diet
(A) are one
(B) one [hat
(C) one
(D) which one

3. -------the eye, a camera takes in rays of light th
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