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De thi vao lop 10 nam 2010 tp Da Nang

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Ngày gửi: 16h:31' 21-06-2018
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Khoá ngày 21 tháng 06 năm 2010 tại Đà Nẵng
ĐỀ CHÍNH Môn thi : ANH
Thời gian: 60 phút (không tính thời gian giao đề)

I. Circle the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences or do as directed. (3 pts)
1. He can’t go to see his friends. He hasn’t got ………….. time.
A. a B. many C. much D. a lot
2. My sister loves to watch the stars………….. night.
A. on B. in C. at D. for
3. Plastic bags will cause pollution………….. they are very hard to dissolve.
A. so B. but C. or D. because
4. My father tells me that Ha Noi is different………….. Kuala Lumpur.
A. from B. in C. with D. at
5. Tony is going to ………….. us to Hue on Sunday. Do you want to come?
A. get B. take C. make D. turn
6. “I can’t find my wallet, Tom” – “Don’t worry. I’ll help you to ………….. it”
A. look for B. take care of C. put on D. turn off
7. These students take part in charity activities in their town, …………..?
A. do they B. don’t they C. did they D. didn’t they
8. We are really………….. that people have spoiled this area.
A. happy B. proud C. disappointed D. excited
9. What would you like to drink? - …………..
A. Yes, please B. Milk, please C. No, thanks D. OK
10. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. bills B. plumbers C. cracks D. showers
11. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. predict B. report C. erupt D. get
12. Choose the incorrect part indicated by A, B, C or D in the following sentence.
They wish there was many rivers and lakes in their hometown.
II. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. (1pt)
1. This fashion designer wants to modernize the traditional Ao dai. (design)
2. The forecast says the weather will be sunny but cold. (sun)
3. Their children are playing happily on the beach. (happy)
4. We are looking forward to hearing from you. (hear)
III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses. (1 pt)
1. If your child practises speaking English everyday, he will soon improve it. (practise)
2. Listen! I think someone is knocking at the door. (knock)
3. We ‘ve known Mr. and Mrs. Smith for ten years. (know)
4. Mr. Dennis went to New York in 1982. (go)
IV. Read the passage and answer the questions. (2pts)
Malaysia is one of the countries of the Association ot South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is divided into two regions, known as West Malaysia and East Malaysia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. The population in 2001 was over 22 million. Islam is the country’s official religion. In addition there are other religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. The national language is Bahasa Malaysia. English, Chinese, and Tamil are also widely spoken. Bahasa Malaysia is the primary language of instruction in all secondary schools, although some students may continue learning in Chinese or Tamil.
1. How many regions is Malaysia divided into?
Malaysia is divided into two regions.
2. What is the capital of Malaysia?
The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.
3. In which year did Malaysia have a population of over 22 million?
Malaysia had a population of over 22 million in 2001.
4. Is Bahasa Malaysia the national language of Malaysia?
Yes, it is.
V. Fill in the numbered blank in the passage with ONE suitable word from the box. (1pt)
who what love best but

 You ask me what I think about my dad. Great! Great! I must tell you my dad is the (1) best person in the world. Do you know what I mean? He is a considerate and generous man (2) who is loved not only by his family (3) but also by all his friends. His priority is
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