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    English test for Business Accounting

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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Nga
    Ngày gửi: 16h:04' 15-05-2016
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    Số lượt tải: 19
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    I`m sorry, Mr. Davis, but your check hasn`t ____________________ ( = gone through) yet.   cleared   transferred   claimed 2. Do you have any ____________________ debts? ( = debts that you have not paid off)   excellent   outstanding   outsourcing 3. You`ll have to ____________________ these forms. Once you do that, I`ll give them to our bank manager for approval.   fill   filter   fill out 4. We`ll ____________________ your lost card. No problem.   replace   redo   remake 5. To ____________________ money to someone`s account means to transfer money into someone`s account.   wave   waive   wire 6. We have to reset your ____________________ number. ( = the secret code for your bank/ATM card)    pine   PIN   secret 7. I keep half of my savings in an account, and the other half in a ____________________ box at my bank.    safe-deposit box   safe-keeping box   safety box 8. A money market account is a combination checking and savings account, one in which your bank ____________________ your deposited money for you.   investigates   invests   interests 9. is a good place to check which banks and credit unions ____________________ for various accounts.   offer the good deals   offer the best deals   provide you with best deals 10. Each account has different ____________________ ( = characteristics). You should decide which ____________________ are most important for you.   qualities   figures   features
    11.The global central banks want to keep interest rates at ___________________ ( = unnaturally) low levels.    artificially   improved   seemingly 12. This is not going to end soon. = This is not going to end in the ___________________.    short term   short cut   long term 13. Sometimes government ___________________ is necessary. = Sometimes the government has to get involved.   introspection   invention   intervention 14. The numbers gave us important ___________________ on why the banks failed. = The numbers helped us to better understand why the banks failed.    insiders   insights   instincts 15. The markets ___________________ ( = reached) a three year low yesterday.    halted   hailed   hit 16. He was ___________________ as ( = considered, seen as) the savior of Wall Steet.    hailed   halted   hit 17. 18 months in a row = 18 _______________ months   consecutive   disclosed   constrained 18. at an ___________________ low = at the lowest level in history   allocated   altogether   all-time 19. This was supposed to ___________________ ( = create) confidence in the bond markets.   make   build 

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