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    review unit 3,4

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    A. decide B. decisive C. decision D. reliable
    A. priority B. privacy C. determined D. strive
    A. charity B. campaign C. donate D. attitude
    A. integrate B. independent C. determined D. access
    A. possession B. discussion C. profession D. decision
    Teens should have the ability to ___________ loneliness.
    A. deal B. cope with C. set up D. look after
    General ___________ skills are part of being independent and responsible.
    A. house B. housekeeping C. housekeeper D. house- making
    Parents can teach their teen to ___________ to achieve positive outcomes.
    A. affect B. succeed C. encourage D. strive
    Effective ___________ skills help you break each project down into the achievable tasks.
    A. time-keeping B. time-consuming C. time-management D. time-line
    With a “To Do” list, you are less___________ to forget to do tasks.
    A. like B. alike C. likely D. likely than
    Students decided to get involved in a ___________ event to provide practical help for those in need.
    A. help B. charity C. need D. kindness
    Students with ___________ disabilities may suffer from difficulties with memory, information processing.
    A. memory B. studying C. learning D. cognitive
    Volunteer lend a hand to the ___________ by helping those who have been affected by Agent Orange.
    A. community B. commune C. surroundings D. habitat
    The boy ___________ his sight due to the accident at the age of nine.
    A. loses B. lost C. has lost D. was losing
    He ___________ at the National Institute for nearly four years.
    A. treats B. have been treated C. was treated D. has been treated
    Read the text and decide whether the statements are true or false. Write T or F and the evidence next to each statement.
    Around the age of seventeen, you have to make one of the most important decisions in your life. Do you stay on at school and hopefully go to university later? Or do you leave school to start work or a training course? This is your decision, but you should remember two things: there is more unemployment among young people who have not been to university, and people with the right skills have a big advantage in the job market. If you make the decision to go straight into a job, there are many opportunities for training. While you are earning, you can also take evening classes to gain qualifications, which will help you to get ahead in your career more quickly. Another possibility is that you start work and take a break to study when you are older. This is the best way to save up money for your studies, and get practical experience.
    ________1. You have to make one of the biggest decisions in your life when you are 18 years old.
    ________2. People who haven’t been to university are more jobless.
    ________3. Getting a job more easily is one of the benefits of having the right skills.
    ________4. If you decide to go straight into a job, there are more opportunities for earning money.
    ________5. Starting work and taking a break to study is the best way to help you gain practical experience.
    Exercise 3: Look at the sign on the left side in each question. What does it say? Choose the correct explanation next to it by circling the letter A, B or C.
    A. You must show a receipt if you want to remove luggage.
    B. When you remove your luggage, you are given a receipt.
    C. You can leave your luggage here without charge.

    2. A. Don’t turn off the lights on until it’s necessary.
    B. Switch the lights on when you are in the room.
    C. Don’t leave the lights on if the room is empty.

    3. A. Take the tablets regularly until the bottle is empty.
    B. Take one tablet everyday until they are finished.
    C. Take three tablest after meals until you feel better.

    Why has Michael written this note?
    to recommend a film for Louise to watch tonight.
    to remind Louise to tape a film for him tonight.
    to ask Lousie to return the video he

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