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Người gửi: Nguyễn Đạt
Ngày gửi: 18h:18' 21-04-2017
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I. Choose the odd one out .
A.cold B. summer C. winter D. spring
A. bike B. badminton C. volleyball C. basketball
A. activity B. like C. weather D. season
A. rain B. windy C. snow D. wind
A. autumn B. winter C. cool D. summer
A. weather B. season C. dry D. activity
A. post office B. bakery C. theatre D. chocolate
A. headache B. sore throat C. fever D. matter
A. stove B. fall C. climb D. run
A. write B. pilot C. architect D. engineer
A. Between B. corner C. next to D. behind
A. usually B. free time C. seldom D. always
A. busier B. noisier C. more expensive D. prettier
A,. peaceful B. exciting C. places D. interesting
A. museum B. pagoda C. lake D. attractive
A. cartoon B. bar C. bottle D. packet
A. watermelon B. greedy C. hard working D. gentle
A. stomach B. headache C. head D. arm
A. job B. would like C. future D. weather
A. visit B. explore C. bridge D. expect
A. bus stop B. airport C. opposite D. railway station
A. clever B. intelligent C. happened D. cruel
A, enjoy B. like C. love D. dislike
A. sugar B. fruit C. meat D. healthy
A. carry B. toothache C. cough D. backache
II. Put the words into the correct column.
Chicken, fever, headache, chocolate, teacher , BaiDinh Pagoda, post office, sore throat, beef, a carton of milk , HoanKiem Lake, backache , earache , Hue Imperial City , toothache, architect , The Temple of Literature, a piece of meat, stomach ache, SuoiTien Amusement Park , tailor, engineer, Ha Long Bay, TrangTien Bridge, pilot, farmer, gardener , sausage, egg, a packet of biscuits, Ben Thanh Market, Temperature, writer , chips, flu, pork , Huong River.

Heath problems
Some places

III. Choose the best answer .
1. “What’s the ….. with you?” – “I have got a headache.”
A. question B. matter C. health D. sorry
2. What do you ………………………..of Mai An Tiem ?
A. like B. think C. do D. thinks
3. “I’ve got a toothache.” – “Let me have a ….. .”
A. rest B. take C. see D. look
4. In the end , the prince married the……, and they lived happily ever after .
A. king B. queen C. prince D. princess
5. “I’ve got a sore throat.” – “You should ….. the doctor.”
A. see B. to see C. seeing D. saw
4. “She’s got a backache.” – “….. .”
A. She should carry heavy things. B. She shouldn’t carry heavy things.
C. She should carry things . D. She shouldn’t carry things.
6.……………. the weather like in spring?
A. When’s B. Where’s C. Who’s D. What’s
5. You should wash your hands ….. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
A. before B. after C. during D. at
7. You should eat ……….….. food.
A. health B. unhealthy C. bad D. healthy
8. You should do morning exercise ….. .
A. regular B. regularly C. once a week D. never
9. “ What is the
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