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đề thi thử đại học - 2009

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Người gửi: David Týa
Ngày gửi: 12h:02' 09-05-2017
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QUESTIONS 1 — 5: Choose one option A,B,C or D corresponding to the word whose main stress is on the syllable in the position which is different from that of the others.
1. A. kingdom B. mountain C. begin D. passage
2. A. eternal B. calendar C. dinosaur D. history
3. A. document B. develop C. opponent D. astonish
4. A. arrive B. before C. imply D. countless
5. A. definition B. humidity C. necessity D. incredible

QUESTIONS 6 — 35: Choose A, B, C or D as your best choice to complete each sentence
6. Although still underwater, Loihi Seamount, the newest Hawaiian island, ________ closer to the surface by prequent volcanic eruptions that add layers of lava to the island.
A. brought B. to be brought C. being brought D. is being brought
7. Hiram Revels, the first black member of the United States Senate, served as senator for Mississippi, an office _______ he was elected in 1870.
A. which B. in which C. and which D. being which
8. When World War I broke out in 1914, The Becton Dickinson Company importing German elastic bandages and started making them in the USA.
A. had stopped B. had to stop C. stopped D. was stopped
9. _______ the Internet’s speed and efficiency in sending mail electronically rather than by transporting it has become more popular among young people than traditional mail.
A. Since B. As a consequence C. However D. Because of
10. Some machines produced large numbers of interchangeable parts that _____ efficiently with the "interchangeable parts system" of the great inventor Eli Whitney.
A. could be used B. used C. used to D. could have used
11. In 1948, the United States Secretary of States Dean Acheson _______ the Marshall Plan to aid the economic recovery of Europe after the Second World War.
A. begin to carry out C. beginning and carrying out
B. began carrying out D. to have begun carrying out
12. The world`s deepest cave, Pierre St. Martin in the Pyrenees mountains, is almost three times as deep _______ .
A. as the Empire State Building is B. that the Empire State Building is higher
C. is higher than the Empire State Building D. and the Empire State Building`s height
13. The purpose of phonetics is _______ an inventory and a description of the sounds found in speech.
A. to provide B. provided C. provide D. being provided
14. Color and light, taken together, the aesthetic impact of the interior of a building.
A. very powerfully influence B. very influence powerfully
C. powerfully very influence D. influence powerfully very
15. Although thunder and lightning are produced at the same time, light waves travel faster _____ so we see the lightning before we hear the thunder.
A. sound waves. B. than sound waves C. than sound waves do D. do sound waves
16. The United States Congress appropriates some four million dollars _____ the upkeep of the White House grounds.
A. year for a B. for a year C. a year for D. a for year
17. The English colonization of Virginia was devised in 1606 by a group of merchants __________ the Virginia Company of London.
A. who formed B. they formed C. whom formed D. what formed
18. A hockey player rushing up the ice, traveling at more than twenty-five miles per hour and slapping a puck at more than 125 miles per hour, makes the sport ______than many other ports.
A. more dangerous B. more than dangerous C. is more dangerous D. as more dangerous
19. A few animals sometimes fool their enemies_______ to be dead.
A. to appear B. have been appearing C. by appearing D. to be appearing
20. Jackie Joyner-Kersce, __________ the world record in the heptathlon in the 1988 Olympics, also won the long jump in that year.
A. whose setting B. which she set C. whoever set D. who set
21. World trade patterns are indicative of the important economic issues _____ confront the world today.
A. what B. that C. who D. they
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