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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 22h:15' 13-07-2017
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I. Complete the sentences with the present simple affirmative form of the verbs below.
love live go study watch play listen do

1. My friend _______ science in Cambridge.
2. We _______ to rock music at parties.
3. My parents _______ to work by car.
4. My brother _______ basketball on TV every Tuesday.
5. Kate _______ her mother very much!
6. They _______ football at weekends.
7. Tracy Brown and her family _______ in Denver.
8. Greg _______ his homework after school.
Mark: ___ /8
II. Use the present simple affirmative or negative form of the verbs in brackets.
1. My classmates _______ (work) hard at school. They are good students.
2. My neighbour doesn’t go to work by car. He _______ (walk).
3. I like films, but I _________ (watch) scary films.
4. Her cousin lives in England and she ______ (speak) English.
5. My parents ______ (listen) to hip hop music. They hate it.
6. My sister _______ (like) sport. She thinks it’s boring.
Mark: ___ /6
III. Write the questions.
1. (What/ John`s father/ do) ________________________________? I think he`s a policeman!
2. (Who/ you/ practise/ English/ with) ________________________________? With my brother.
3. (Where/ do your homework) ________________________________? I often go to the library.
4. (Marta/ go out/ at the weekend) ________________________________? Yes, she does.
5. (When/ you/ listen to/ music) ________________________? Every time I go shopping with my parents!
6. (your cousins / play sport) ____________________________? No, they don`t. They prefer watching films!
Mark: ___ /6
IV. Complete the sentences. Make words with the letters in brackets.
1. What are the names of the two main political __________ in the USA? (satrepi)
2. The ____________ in our country changes nearly every year! (trenenvmog)
3. My grandfather thinks that there are too many _______ in our country. (wasl)
4. I`m 18! I can vote in the next ____________. (sneelicot)
5. How many MPs does the British ____________ have? (trapalinem)
6. Margrethe II is the present __________ of Denmark. (uneqe)
Mark: ___ /6
V. Complete the sentences. Choose from the words below.
grandson uncle wife daughter cousin nephew son aunt granddaughter niece

1. My sister is my grandmother’s _______.
2. My sister’s daughter is my _______.
3. My brother is my father’s _______.
4. My mother is my father’s _______.
5. My mother’s sister is my _______.
6. My father’s brother is my _______.
7. My aunt`s son is my ________.
8. My sister`s son is my ________.

Mark: ___ /8
VI. Complete the dialogue with the sentences below.
Declan: Hi, I`m Declan.
Elena: 1__________________ I`m Elena. 2___________________
Declan: I`m in 6F. 3___________________________
Elena: I`m from Germany, but my dad works near here.
Declan: Do you like it here?
Elena: 4___________________________
Declan: What about your family? 5_______________________
Elena: Yes, but they go to school in Germany.
Declan: 6___________________________
Elena: Yes, I do. It`s only 10 minutes in the bus.
Declan: Really? That`s quick!
A. Do you live near the school?
B. It`s OK, but I miss my old friends.
C. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
D. Where are you from?
E. Nice to meet you.
F. What class are you in?

Mark: ___ /6

VII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets and the correct pronoun.
1. My cousin _________ (WATCH) hospital dramas on TV every week, but I don’t like _________.
2. My aunt’s dresses are very _________ (FASHION). I don’t like _________ – I prefer modern clothes!
3. Do you _________ (KNOW) my niece? _________ is a famous ballet dancer!
4. ‘Do you think Amish life is _________ (INTEREST)?’ ‘No, I think _________ is boring!’
5. Our uncle _________ (LIVE) in Spain. We stay with _________ every summer.
Mark: ___ /10
VIII. Listen to the conversation between Hayley and Ben. Write the correct name in the blanks.
1. _______ is in class 6F.
2. _______ is from Sweden.
3. _______ has a sister in the school.
4. _______ has a book called Twilight.
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