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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 22h:16' 13-07-2017
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I. Complete the sentences with the words below.
is are any a aren’t isn’t

1. There _______ any students in the gym.
2. Are there _______ boys in your class?
3. There _______ a dictionary in the classroom. Take one from the library.
4. There’s _______ bed in my bedroom.
5. There _______ two computers in my house.
6. _______ there a CD player in your room? Mark: ___ /6
II. Complete the sentences with the affirmative or negative form of have to.
1. We _______ go shopping every day, only at the weekend.
2. She’s studying history. She _______ read a lot of books.
3. I _______ get up early on Monday. My English lesson starts at 7.30 a.m.
4. Japanese students _______ go to school on 1st January. It’s a holiday.
5. We _______ to train every afternoon for our swimming competition next month.
6. My friend _______ wear a uniform at school, but I do!
7. I have got four tests in one week! I _______ study hard. Mark: ___ /7
III. Write questions with have to
1. When / they / take the exam? _______________________________
2. What / you / do this evening? _______________________________
3. Where / your friend / go tomorrow? _______________________________
4. What / her brother / do every day? _______________________________
5. Who / your parents / take to the doctor`s? _______________________________
6. How much / she / pay for her books? _______________________________
7. What time / we / get up? _______________________________ Mark: ___ /7

IV. Complete the sentences with the school subjects below.
art and design music geography physics maths P.E. history

1. We study songs and instruments in ______________.
2. You have to be good at numbers in ______________ class.
3. We study drawing and painting in ______________.
4. We do sports and exercises in ______________.
5. We study ______________ in the science lab.
6. We learn about countries, climates and maps in ______________.
7. ______________ is the study of kings, queens, wars and empires. Mark: ___ /7
V. Complete the sentences with the words below.
bored keen interested good angry proud

1. She`s _________ with the same teachers every year.
2. They`re not very _______ on insects!
3. Are you ________ in chess?
4. I`m not very ________at maths.
5. He`s _________ of being at university.
6. My mum`s always ________ with me when I get up late! Mark: ___ /6
VII. Complete the dialogue. Write the words in brackets correctly.
A: Excuse me! Is this the ICT room?
B: No, it`s the music room!
A: Oh! So where`s the ICT room?
B: It`s upstairs, on the 1_________ (cdnsoe) floor.
A: And how do I get there?
B: Go 2___________ (golan) this corridor, and go 3___________ (grothuh) those grey doors.
A: OK!
B: Then go up the stairs and 4___________ (pistopeo) the canteen, turn 5__________ (girth). Go 6___________ (stap) the library, and the ICT room`s on the left.
A: Great! Could you 7____________ (petrea) that, please? Mark: ___ /7
VII. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words.
1. The science _________ is in front _________ the canteen in my school!
2. School students in Japan often _________ to wear their school _________ at the weekend!
3. ‘Excuse me. Where’s the ICT _________?’ ‘It’s next to the head teacher’s _________.’
4. There isn’t a playing ______ at my sister’s school, so she _______ to do all her P.E. lessons in the gym!
5. There aren’t _________ chairs in the hall. Can you get _________ from behind the stairs, please?
Mark: ___ /10
VIII. Listen to the conversation. Are the sentences true or false?
1. Wanda wants to study economics next year. ____
2. You can surf the Internet in the library. ____
3. Conor has an exam tomorrow morning. ____
4. Conor doesn`t have a good English teacher. ____
5. Wanda studies all the same subjects as Conor. ____ Mark: ___ /5

IX. Read the text. Dear cousins,
I`m here in England on a three-month exchange visit. It doesn`t snow much in winter, so I don`t have to wear lots of clothes like at home. The school is always quite warm
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