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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Kim Oanh
Ngày gửi: 08h:05' 19-07-2017
Dung lượng: 96.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 44
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Trung tâm luyên thi đại học mcnb_02-số 5 -Lạc Trung-Hai Bà Trưng-Hà Nội
I. Phonetics:
A/ Choose the word with different pronunciation of the underlined part:
A dozen B glove C love D stove
A kites B catches C oranges D buzzes
A wood B good C food D childhood
A whistled B laughed C lodged D received
A prayer B player C mayor D flare
B/ Choose the word with different stress pattern:
A luggage B increase C benefit D argument
A satisfaction B disappointed C ancestry D reassure
A democracy B committee C. proficiency D television
A energy B primary C facilities D pleasure
A contemporary B geometry C trigonometry D succession
II. Vocabulary:
A/ Choose the word that best fits each gap of the passage:
To many people, smoking is not just a pleasure, it is an (11) -----------. They need it, depend on it and can’t stop it. If they haven’t smoked for some hours, they feel a (12) ---------- for a cigarette. They often (13) ----------- which means they light another cigarette immediately after they have (14) ---------- out the one before.
Smoking is often considered (15) ------------, since many people don’t like the (16) -------- of cigarettes or the sight of the smoker’s (17) ----------- fingers or ashtray full of cigarette – ends. Above all, smoking is harmful to health and in many countries a (18) ---------- is printed on every (19) ---------- of cigarettes. Scientists have proved that there is a link between smoking and a disease which can be (20) -------------, cancer.
A attraction B addition C addiction D admiration
A likeness B craving C like D desire
A over-smoke B self-smoke C chain-smoke D non-smoke
A thought B made C put D given
A militant B antisocial C illegal D anti-pollutant
A odour B smell C taste D flavour
A stained B dirty C dusty D spotted
A saying B signal C sign D warning
A pack B packing C packet D backpack
A fatal B hard C immoral D perilous
B/ Choose the word that best fits each gap of the sentence:
Latin music is very --------- in countries where people speak Spanish and Portuguese.
A common B usual C often D frequent
This sort of behaviour will not be ----------.
A tolerate B tolerated C tolerance D tolerant
Farmers can enrich the soil by using ------------ .
A fertile B fertilize C fertility D fertilizers
------------ for government posts are always thoroughly investigated before being admitted.
A apply B applying C applied D applications
Nowadays, chemicals are ----------- into some fruits to reduce decay.
A injection B injecting C inject D injected
The most important thing is to keep yourself ------------.
A occupation B occupied C occupant D occupational
The soil must be kept damp at all times or the plant will die.
A moist B wet C dry D arid
Our grandfather is buried in that graveyard.
A morgue B churchyard C cemetery D both B & C
A great --------- of people in this country nowadays own a TV set.
A part B majority C unit D mass
My sister is an expert in wildlife and its ------------.
A conversation B preparation C reservation D conservation
III. Grammar:
Choose the word or phrase that best fits each gap of the sentence:
My brother -------- trouble with her motorbike, so he has to take the bus to work these days.
A have B had C was having D is having
A fortune–teller predicted ----------- inherit a lot of money before the end of the year.
A that I would B that I C that I will D that I did
Ben and his brother are ------------ hard – working carpenters that I am sure
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