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Nguồn: http://dethi.violet.vn/present/create/cat_id/8030556142
Người gửi: Ngô Minh Vượng
Ngày gửi: 11h:44' 29-07-2017
Dung lượng: 41.7 KB
Số lượt tải: 104
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Ngô Minh Vượng)
Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Reported Spech+Write+ REad
tThe doctor said to me, "You should lose weight." (The doctor advised me)
"Would you like to go on a picnic with us?" (They invited me)
"I can`t go to your birthday party next Saturday evening, Jack", said Mary. (Mary apologized for)
He said, "Don`t walk on the ice; it isn`t safe." (He warned us)
"If you don`t pay the ransom, we`ll kill the boy", the kidnapper said to them. (The kidnapper threatened)
"You told a lie, Henry." said David to Henry. (David accused)
"It was kind of you to help me with my homework" Lan said to Hoa. (Lan thanked)
"Don`t forget to go to the supermarket after work." (They reminded me)
"Are you the new manager, Daisy? Congratulations!" said Billy. (Bill congratulated)
"Turn off the computer. You are not allowed to play games now." Dick`s mother said. (Dick`s mother prevented)
"Would you like me to help you with the cooking, Tom?" Laura said. (Laura offered)
"I only borrowed your car for some hours" the man said to me. (The man admitted)
"I`m sorry I damaged your tape recorder, Mike." Said Bob. (Bob apologized)
"I`ll bring it back tomorrow", Lan said. (Lan promised)
Lan said "I will be very busy tomorrow". (Lan said)
Lien said to her brother "You ought to clean your room". (Lien told her brother)
"Hoa is looking for a new job these days," said her mother. (Hoa`s mother said that)
"I can`t speak Chinese." Ha said to me. (Ha said)
The mayor asked his secretary, "Do we have to comment on this issue?" (The mayor asked his secretary)
"What do you think of the flat?". (She asked me)
"Can you sing a song?". (They asked them)
Lan asked a friend of hers, "He has received my letter of invitation, hasn`t he?" (Lan asked a friend of hers)
"Who did you go to the movie theatre yesterday with?" the father asked his daughter. (The father asked his daughter)
My mother asked me, "Has your friend left for Canada yet?"
(My mother asked me)……………………………………………………….
"How do you know it will rain tomorrow?" they asked me two days ago.
(They asked me)………………………………………………………………..
1."Thank you very much for your help, John," said Daisy.
A. Daisy thanked John for helping her. B.Daisy told John to help her.
C. Daisy wanted John to help her and said thanks. D. Daisy would like John to help her.
2.You can trust me. I won`t let you down." Tom said to me.
A.Tom promised not to let me down. B.Tom insisted on not letting me down.
C.Tom advised me to trust him and not to let me down.
D.Tom ordered me to trust him and promise not to let me down.
3."Whose composition haven`t we heard yet?" =>The teacher asked us to tell her .....
A.whose composition we haven`t heard yet. B.whose composition we hadn`t heard yet.
C.whose composition hadn`t we heard yet. D.whose composition we hadn`t hear yet?
4."Go on, Susan! Apply for the job," the father said.
A. The father invited Susan to apply for the job. B. The father denied applying for the job.
C. The father encouraged Susan to apply for the job.
D.The father wanted Susan not to apply for the job.
5."Nobody can say that this isn`t mine." she shouted.
A.She repeated that that was hers. B.She begged that that was hers.
C.She offered that that was hers. D.She affirmed that that was hers.
6"Don`t stay up late. You should go to bed early," Peter told me.
A.Peter told me not to stay up late and promised to go to bed early.
B. Peter promised not to stay up late and told me to go to bed early.
C. Peter told me do not to stay up late and advised me to go to bed early.
D. Peter told me not to stay up late and advised me to go to bed early.
7."I will bring you some food." He said to me.
A.He invited me to eat some food. B.He offered to bring me some food.
C. He told me to bring some food. D. He advise me to bring some food.
8."You look beautiful in this dress." => Last night she told
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