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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 18h:09' 16-08-2017
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I. Complete the sentences with past simple affirmative and negative forms of be.
1. There ________ any English books in the shop, only French ones.
2. All the shops ________ closed on Christmas Day.
3. Why ________ Ann late for her lessons yesterday morning?
4. My brother ________ the best player in the school football team last year.
5. ________ you at the concert on Saturday?
6. Is Peter ill? He ________ at work yesterday.
7. They ________ in Egypt on holiday last summer. Mark: __ /7
II. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple affirmative and negative forms of be and can.
1. He ________ open his front door because his keys ________ in his pocket. He was very angry!
2. Her glasses ________ broken, so she ________ read the newspaper very easily.
3. He ________ drive a car when he ________ ten! He`s a fast learner!
4. The students ________ go to school because the road ________ open. They were very happy!
5. Our homework ________ very easy, so we ________ do it in half an hour! Mark: __ /5
III. Complete the sentences with the past simple affirmative form of the verbs below.
cycle decide hurry park pass stay study want

1. We ________ our car in the car park, opposite the library.
2. My aunt ________ medicine at Cambridge University.
3. I ________ to school because I was late for my lessons.
4. I ________ fifteen miles yesterday morning.
5. My mum ________ at home with my brother yesterday.
6. When I was a child I ________ to be an actor.
7. They ________ to buy a holiday house in Portugal.
8. All students ________ the test at the end of the course. Mark: __ /8
IV. Complete the sentences. Write the places in brackets correctly.
1. Is there a ___________ (arc kapr) near here?
2. Sorry, but the ___________ (esummu) is closed today.
3. Excuse me! I`m looking for the _________ (stop coffei).
4. What time does the swimming pool in the ___________ (reelius certen) open?
5. I`m studying in the __________ (ralibyr) tomorrow.
6. I asked for directions at the __________ (lepico satinot)!
7. There`s a very good café in the _________ (crentoc lahl). Mark: __ /7
V. Complete the replies with the words below.
awful cheap clean difficult old safe slow

1. It`s dangerous to feed the animals! I don`t think so! It`s quite __________!
2. Mara`s party was fantastic! Oh no, I think it was __________!
3. Richard has a very expensive watch. Really? I`m quite happy with a __________ one!
4. The streets here are very dirty. Yes, but the parks are very __________!
5. The museum is in a modern building. That`s right! Next to the __________ bridge.
6. Is it easy for you to study maths? Not really! It`s quite __________!
7. Can we take a fast train? Sorry, but there are only seats on the ________ one! Mark: __ /7
VI. Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
1. please / information / can / me / you / some / give _________________________________?
2. know / you / to / like / what / would _________________________________?
3. you / I / how / help / can _________________________________?
4. is / me / you / where / the / tell / can / museum _________________________________?
5. do / open / close / time / and / you / what _________________________________?
6. in / cost / much / to / it / how / does / get _________________________________? Mark: __ /6
VII. Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.
angry bored cooked could couldn’t hungry ordered proud relaxed visited worried

1. Alison wanted to give her boyfriend a surprise for his birthday, so she _________ dinner for him. She made him roast beef, but he was very _________ with her because he’s a vegetarian!
2. Susan _________ find the plane ticket for her flight to Berlin, so she was very _________. But she found it in her jacket yesterday!
3. I arrived home from work very late last night. I was really _________ but I didn’t want to make anything, so I just _________ a pizza.
4. Last month, I went on holiday with my friends to the Canary Islands. But my friends just _________ on the beach every day, so I was really _________ for the whole of the holiday.
5. Ben’s parents were really _________ of his little sister when she was young, because she

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