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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 10h:18' 09-09-2017
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I. Rearrange the first part of these sentences, supplying a capital letter where necessary.
1. weno on have occasion lied to our students. → __________________________
2. I circumstances will under no sell my vinyl records! 3. grandmother who it my was suggested I should take up tennis. → __________________________
4. job like I`d the is of kind one out in the fresh air. → __________________________
5. hate to I`d what is really have to get up early every day. → __________________________
6. about I thing the ice-hockey love is the excitement. → __________________________
7. is thing you important the that can recognize when you are beaten. → __________________________
8. really need you what is someone to share the work. → __________________________
9. him I the place saw last was down at the bus stop. → __________________________
10. Ryan who know did little was waiting for him. → __________________________ Mark ____/10
II. Complete the sentences using the words in brackets. Supply prepositions, pronouns, etc. where necessary.
1. If Katie doesn`t like opera, would she rather _____________________? (go, a play, we)
2. Sean said he doesn`t like walking, as if _______________________! (know, already, we)
3. We need to save some money. What if _____________________? (we, work, cycle)
4. If you’re not hungry, I’d sooner _______________________. (tell, you, me)
5. If you’d rather _________________________ (go, ahead, we) you can meet us up later.
6. There`s not much in the fridge, so how about if _____________________? (go out, for dinner, we)
7. How about _____________________? (forget, all about it, we)
8. From what David said I think he`d sooner she __________________. (not drive, on her own)
9. Our front gate is getting rusty, it`s high time we ______________. (again, painted)
10. What if ____________ for mushrooms on each side of the path? (one, us, search)Mark ____/10
III. Complete the sentences with the correct sports words.
1. We have a fantastic 9-hole golf___________ just behind our house.
2. Baseball is the most popular___________ and ball game in the USA.
3. Long-track___________ skating is a distance race on skates.
4. Divers need to wear a___________ when diving in cold waters.
5. Badminton is played with a racket and a ___________.
6. In winter, we sometimes go skating at the ice-skating ___________.
7. You should never go horse-riding without a ___________, as there is a great danger of head injury if you fall.
8. I prefer to ski on___________ with natural rather than artificial snow.
9. Ice-hockey___________ are traditionally made of wood and are long with a curled end.
10. If basketball players are tall, it makes it easier to get the ball through the__________.Mark ____/5
IV. Complete the text with the correct form of the words below.
likely proceed employ hard consider

Squatters can be people who experience long-term financial 1 ___________ due, for example, to loss of 2 ___________ or failure to pay a mortgage, which might lead to them losing their house. But some squatters simply have no 3 _________ for property owners and just enjoy a lifestyle free of certain financial responsibilities. Luckily for house owners, the new law has increased the 4 __________ of squatters being evicted and becoming involved in legal 5 _________.Mark ____/5
V. Mark sentences as correct (() or cross (X) out incorrect words and supply the correct ones.
Ankle sprains are common injuries in football.
____ __________________

Short-sightedness affects a person`s ability to see objects close to them.
____ __________________

A massage works well for improving blood passages.
____ __________________

Drinking enough water with meals helps the circulation of food.
____ __________________

The footballer was unable to continue playing because he had torn a ligament.
____ __________________
Mark ______/5

Use of English
VI. Complete the sentences with one word in each space.
1. The fighters walked into the boxing ____, wearing shorts and huge ____ on their hands.
2. Do you remember the match against Luton? ____ was the first match ____ we both played in together.
3. Never _____ I seen a performance on a ski ____ as good as the one I saw that afternoon. The skier was fantastic!
4. The way I ____ it, we might ____ well go home. In this weather, there’s no point in playing football.
5. The two runners are ____ and ____ in the final straight. It’s impossible to say who’s
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