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SOLUTIONS Upper-Intermediate Tests & Keys

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(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Nguồn: Oxford University Press, 2013
Người gửi: Thẩm Tâm Vy
Ngày gửi: 14h:24' 12-09-2017
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Số lượt tải: 71
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Progress Test 1A
Name: ___________________________________________
Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
_______________ (think) of telling him the truth?
Simon _______________ (not have) lunch at the Thai restaurant since he got food-poisoning.
The reason I`m so wet is that I _______________ (wash) the car.
My brother _______________ (play) on his Xbox for nearly six hours – I think he should take a break!
So far, his novels _______________ (always, sell) thousands of copies on the first day.
There should be some milk left, I don`t think we _______________ (drink) it all.
He`s still very shaken, even though his friends _______________ (help) him get over the shock.
Paula was reading until midnight, but she still _______________ (not finish) her book.
My boyfriend has been more considerate recently. He _______________ (even, open) doors for me.
Emma and Peter _______________ (stay) at the youth hostel in Blackpool several times.
Mark __/10
Using the words in brackets, complete the sentences with the correct verb pattern.
Last time she failed ___________________ (complete) the course.
The fire brigade succeed in ___________________ (put out) the blaze before it spread.
So far, I haven`t considered ___________________ (ask) Kate for help.
He didn`t want to risk ___________________ (take) the exam before he was ready.
That evening we enjoyed ___________________ (watch) the sun sink below the horizon.
Please remember ___________________ (make) lunch for your little brother.
I don’t usually stop ___________________ (watch) TV before midnight.
I was very tired, so I left the others ___________________ (finish) the cleaning.
Is this jacket mine? I don`t remember ___________________ (buy) it.
I don`t like celery, but when I was little my parents forced me ___________________ (eat) it.
Mark __/10
Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word you do not need.
conceited grumpy daring penny-pinching dedicated immature assertive stubborn unassuming
Although he is old enough to get married, he is still too ______________ to settle down.
The band has been getting very popular lately. It already has loads of ______________ fans.
I thought the shop assistant was very ______________ . I don`t think he`s had a very good day!
Sasha is so ______________ – he thinks he`s the smartest boy in the world!
Although he`s already very famous, he`s so ______________ that he charges very little for his paintings.
Oliver is so ______________ . He lets everyone pay for him but never returns the favour.
I let someone jump in front of me in the bus queue. I need to be more ______________ next time.
I wanted to wear a short skirt to the party, but in the end I wasn`t ______________ enough!
Mark __/8
Choose the correct answers.
Aside from / Alongside his classmates at school, he doesn’t meet many people.
If I had to choose among / between all the extra-curricular activities, I would go for drama.
Alongside / Except his regular job, Matt does a lot of voluntary work.
Regarding / Considering how expensive it was, it hasn’t lasted very long.
They had few interests beyond / towards partying and clubbing.
For the last week I’ve been phoning the telephone company owing to / regarding the last bill.
Mark __/6
Complete the second sentence with a set phrase, so that it means the same as the first sentence.
Mrs Jackson was starting to panic because her husband hadn’t called for three days. When Mrs Jackson’s husband didn’t call, she was expecting _______ _______ .
I don’t have any problems with exams. I usually _______ exams in my _______ .
Helen always has something to say for herself. Helen is never _______ _______ _______ .
He lets everybody see his emotions. He wears his heart _______ _______ _______ .
You’re always willing to get involved and try new things. You are _______ _______ _______ .
Our team’s goalkeeper has always been reliable. Our team’s goalkeeper has never _______ _______ _______ .
Mark __/6
Use of English
6 Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.
David is thoughtful and kind. In fact, he’s the most __________________ person I know.
a considerate b conventional c assertive
My aunt is so _________ that she wears odd-coloured socks and sings in the supermarket.
a responsible b eccentric c dedicated
I wish I were more ________-skinned. Then I wouldn’t get so upset when people criticise me.
a fat b strong c thick
4 Penny __________________ her bedroom walls all morning, but she still hasn’t finished
a is painting b has painted c has been painting
How long have _________________ that bike?
a you own b you owned c you been owning
I visited a number of _________________ temples in Thailand.
a Buddhism b Buddhist c Buddha
These days, most people go

Solutions - Upper-Intermediate Progress Tests.

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