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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Thái
Ngày gửi: 10h:20' 13-09-2017
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By:Ho Xuan Phuong
. EXERCISES FOR PRACTICES 5 (time allowed: 120 min).

Question 1 : Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of
the others in each group .
1. A. most B. cost C. coast D. host
2. A. hear B. near C. beer D. hair
3. A. sound B. brown C. soup D. house
4. A. mechanic B. chemistry C. charge D. campus
5. A. tin B. tight C. shine D. guide
6. A. care B. bare C. share D bark
7. A. call B. salt C. ache D. tall
8. A. germ B. get C . gas D. good
9. A. wind B. wine C. behind D. night
10.A.how B. town C. power D. slow
Question 2:Pick out the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the
1. A. interviewer B. solution C. invisible D. inquiry
2. A. convenient B. popularity C. controller D. embarassing
3. A. deliberate B. desperate C. delicacy D. demonstrate
4. A. evacuate B. escalate C. estimate D. evidence
5. A. inspire B. instruct C. intensive D. instrument
6. A. canal B. cassette C. dinner D. resource
7. A. unkind B. illegal C. export D. amazing
8. A. balloon B. Chinese C. taboo D. kindly
9. A. surname B. different C. politics D. examinee
10.A. assistant B. holiday C. colony D. possible
Question 3: Choose the word or phrase that best complete each sentence.
1.I wish you wouldn`t ................. your clothes all over the floor .
A. stray B. sprawl C. scatter D. straggle
2.Little Angela hasn`t ................ her shyness yet.
A. got over B. got away from C. got through D. got under
3.They all take too much ................... of his kindness and generosity .
A. profit B. advantage C. benefit D. use
father would not ........... us to go there for the weekend .
a. let B. permit C. agree D. consent
You can trust what he says . He`s a very ........... person .
A. reliable B. trustful C. profitable D. depending
Aunt Mary has never really ....... from har nevous breakdown .
A. mended B. cured C. recovered D. repaired
Diana ...... over a stone and fell flat on her face .
A. dripped B. tripped C. stepped D. walked
Steak for breakfast and eggs for supper is ..... , to say the least .
A. erratic B. eccentric C. egocentric D. egoistic
Much stricter .......... must now be taken at all airports .
A. precautions B. alarms C. warnings D. protections
10.Many countries still rely on rice as .......food .
A. capital B. staple C. superior D. winning
11.Inflation and its upward .........is the scourge of our days .
A. trend B. ben C. stream D. move
12. United States .......... from voting at the United Nations yesterday .
A. discontinued B. refused C. rejected D. abstained
13.These figures give you some idea of the cost of .......... your car for one year .
A. controlling B. handing C. managing D. maintaining
14.It can take up to three months to ........... a man to do this specialist work .
A. guide B. raise C. train D. learn
15.In today`s paper it ............. that we shall have an election this year .
A. says B. admits C. expresses D. proposes
16.I had to pay .......... on a carpet I bought through the customs today .
A. taxes B. rates C. fines D. duty
17.The child was .................. by a lorry on the safety crossing in the main street .
A. knocked out B. run across C. run out D. knocked down
18.The policeman was .......... to have accepted a bride
A. affirmed B. alleged C. accused D. announced
19.The police car sped after the robbers with its ........... blaring .
A. siren B. going C. bell D. alarm
20.Instead of being sent to prison , the shoplifter was ....... with a fine .
a. let away B. let off C. let loose D. let out
21.The judge ............ the case because there wasn`t a scrap of evidence to prove the suspect`s guilt .
A. disallowed B. dismissed C. abandoned D. disqualified
22.I was
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