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Clause after WISH & IF ONLY

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I, Rewrite the following sentenses, beginning with I wish.
I’m living in a small flat.
My friends often go on a camping trip without me.

I’m sorry I can’t go to the party.
I must go now.

It’s a pity the weather isn’t better today.
He always goes to school late.

I don’t know your address.
My bother is too short to play basketball.

I’m sorry I can’t swim.
I don’t have enough money to help you.

I’m sorry I can’t answer your question.
I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

I only have a small dictionary.
What a pity! He can’t come here.

I have to go to school today.
I speak English badly.

I don’t have a computer.
I want to meet you now.

I don’t know anyone in this company.
I don’t know much about him.

What a pity! You aren’t here with us now.
I’m sorry, I’m not well now.

The naughty boys always draw on the wall.
I don’t have time to help you do this work.

I’d like my father to give up smoking.
Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow.

He doesn’t help his mother with housework.
I’d like to get access to the Internet, but I don’t have a computer.

I can’t swim.
It’s a pite the weather isn’t better today.

II, Write a sentence with wish.
I don’t know French.
It s far from my house to school.

It’s very noisy for my to read the book.
She doesn’t advise him to give up smoking.

I don’t have a bicycle. Therefore I walk to school every day.
I’m sorry I didn’t come to the party last night.

It is raining heavily now
I regret that you didn’t give me a chance to tell you the truth.

The book is too expensive for me to afford.
Mary is afraid she won’t be able to attend your weeding next week.

I don’t have a lot of friends.
I regret I didn’t learn to play a musical instrument.

I’m too busy to watch the TV program.
We live in a small house.

She doesn’t know my address.
You are making so much noise late at night.

There aren’t any people in the hal.
It is a shame we don’t have a video.

She speaks English baldy.
We can’t go out because of heavy rain.

They are late for the metting.
He can’t pass the examination.

There isn’t enough water for us to drink.
Mai doesn’t know a lot of student in her class.

The question is too difficult for us to answer.
They don’t have the key to open the lab.

Unfortunately, I must to now.
We live in the city but we don’t like it.

He isn’t good at speaking.
Lan has to stay in bed because she is sick.

III, Complete the sentences with an appopriate verb from.
Our classroom doesn’t have any window. I wish our classroom _______ windows.
The sun isn’t shining. I wish the sun _______ right now.
I didn’t go shopping. I wish I _______ shopping.
I can’t swim. I wish I _______ so I would feel safe in the boat.
I don’t know how to dance. I wish I _______ how to dance.
I live in the country. I wish I _______ in a big city.
You didn’t tell them about it. I wish you _______ them about it.
It’s cold today. I’m not wearing a coat. I wish I _______ a coat.
I don’t have enough money to buy that cook. I wish I _______ enough money.
It’s raining and I want it to stop. I wish it _______ raining.
Elena is tired because she went to bed late last night. She wishes she _______ to bed earlier last night.
Ann has a beautiful voice, so I want her to sing. I wish Ann _______ a couple of songs.
I’m not lying on the beach in Hawaii. I wish I _______ on beach in Hawaii.
The teacher is going to give an exam tomorrow. I wish he _______ us an exam tomorrow.
Jack didn’t drive to work. I wish Jack _______ to work. I’d ask him for a ride home.
Bill didn’t get the promotion. I wish Bill _______ the promotion. He feeds bad.
It isn’t winter. I wish it _______ winter so tha I could go skiing.
We’re going to the concert tonight. I wish you _______ with us.
I quit my job. I wish I _______ my job until I’d found another one.
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