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Người gửi: Bùi Thị Kim Ngân
Ngày gửi: 20h:52' 11-10-2017
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Basis No 33

Exercise 1
1. Never ________ me again.
a. will be she love b. she loves c. she won`t love d. she will love
2. Not only_______ but she is also very intelligent
a. she is beautiful b. beautiful she is c. is she beautiful d. beautiful is she
3. No sooner___________ out that it rained.
a. did I go b. I went c. had I gone d. I had gone
4. Seldom___________ the guitar.
a. he plays b. does he play c. he doesn`t play d. he does play
5. Hardly___________a wrok whether son came back.
a. couldn`t she say b. she could say c. she couldn`t say d. could she say
6. Often___________ a meeting.
a. do we have b. we do have c. have we d. we have
7. Many a time___________ he wants to maary me
a. said he b. he said c. has he said d. he has said
8. Only at weekend___________ my kids to Water Park
a. I don`t take b. do I take c. I take d. I do take
9. So old ___________ that she couldn`t dance.
a. She wasn`t b. she was d. wasn`t she d. was he
10. _______ here yesterday, you would have met me.
a. Were you b. you were c. Had you been d. You had been
11. On the battle field___________
a. the tanks did lie b. the tanks lay c. did the tanks lie d. lay the tanks
12. At no time___________ greater opportunities.
a. did women had b. has women had c. does women have d. have women had
13. Not once________ into her eyes.
a. he looked b. does he looked c. did he look d. looked he
14. ___________ has the work bee so easy.
a. Never b. only by c. When d. For
15. Now here___________ such cooperative staff.
a. you can find b. you found c. you could find d. can you find
16. Never before___________ in an carnest attempt to resolve their differences.
a. have the leaders of these two countries met
b. the leaders of these two countries have met
c. have the leaders of these two countries meet
d. met the leaders of these two countries
17. Not only the child, but also the grandparents___________
a. is joining b. joins c. were joining d. has joined
18. Seldom___________ a newspaper.
a. buys Anna b. does Anna buy c. bought Anna d. Anna does buy
19. Not only__________ at the post office, ___________ at the grocery store.
a. does Mary work/but she also works b. works Mary/but she also works
c. does Mary work/but does she also work d. had entered she
20. No sooner___________ the house than the phone started to ring.
a. had she entered b. she had entered c. entered she d. had entered she

Exercise 2
1. Only by saving money___________ a house.
a. he buys b. he can buy c. can he buy d. buy she
2. Not even once___________ the truth
a. he tells b. he tell c. tells he d. has she told
3. Choose the correct inverted form.
a. Into the room came the teachers
b. Not only lazy she is but she is naughty
c. No sooner had he drunk a cup of coffee than he asked another.
d. A and care correct
4. Not only___________ beautiful but she is graceful as well.
a. did she b. she was c. is she d. she is
5. No sooner___________ than he begins to be washed.
a. is a human being born b. was a human being born
c. a human being born d. a human being had been born
6. Seldom___________ treated like that.
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