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bài tập enough

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Người gửi: Trần Thanh Mai
Ngày gửi: 22h:56' 14-11-2017
Dung lượng: 16.4 KB
Số lượt tải: 152
Số lượt thích: 0 người
1. This soup is very hot. We can`t eat it.
2. These oranges are ripe. You can eat them.
3. This morning is very cold. We couldn’t go swimming.
4. She can’t carry the box; it’s very heavy.
5. The room was very dirty. Nobody can learn it.
6. It was very late. She couldn’t go home.
7. The class was very tired. The teacher couldn`t explain the lesson.
8. They can’t sleep. They aren’t tired.
9. She couldn’t see the film because it was very boring.
10. She is old, so she can drive a car.
11. All students had to stay at home because it rained heavily.
12. You can’t catch any taxi to the airport because it is very early.
13. The truck can go through the gate because it is very wide.
14. Tom was very brave boy, so all his friends admired him.
15. The room was very comfortable. We all fell asleep easily.
16. It was very cold. They couldn’t keep working in the field.
17. He spoke slowly. We could understand him.
18. The fair was very noisy. We couldn’t hear each other.
19. The soup is very excellent. We will have some.
20. They were very tired, so they stopped working.
21. The question was very hard. We couldn’t answer it
22. The TV programmer is very exciting. The children won’t miss it
23. You’re very young. You can’t drive that car
24. She was tired. She didn’t go anywhere
25. These shoes are very small. I can’t wear them
26. He is so weak. He can`t run.
27. The coffee was very hot. I could drink it.
28. He has a lot of money. He can buy a car.
29. He is very intelligent. He can do it.
30. Tom is strong. He can lift the box.
31. The weather is fine. Mary and her little brother can go to school.
32. The sun is not warm. We can`t live on it.
33. The water is quite warm. I can drink it.
34. The weather is so bad that we can’t go out.
35. The film was so boring that we couldn’t go on seeing it.
36. He was so old that he couldn’t run fast.
37. He spoke so fast that we couldn’t understand him.
38. The fair was so noisy that we couldn’t hear each other.
39. You speak so fast that I can’t catch up with your words.
40. It is so early that we can’t go out.
41. The water is so hot that I can’t drink it.
42. The restaurant is so expensive that we can’t eat in that restaurant.
43. He studied so badly that he couldn’t pass the exam
.44. The price of the house is very high. We can`t buy it.
45. The story was very funny. We couldn`t stop laughing.
46. The film was very boring. We left before the end.
47. The road is too long for us to go on foot.
48. There were so many exercises that I couldn`t finish them in a short time.
49. I am very unhappy, so I cannot go out with him.
50. They sang very badly. I could invite them to the party.

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