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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group.
a. mammal b. material c. saddle d. manage
a. table b. lady c. labour d. captain
a. cost b. most c. host d. post
a. there b. chair c. clear d. hair
a. dear b. beard c. beer d. heard
Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words.
a. computer b. museum c. important d. visitor
a. calculator b. intelligent c. impossible d. American
a. compare b. compose c. company d. consist
a. artificial b. aristocrat c. arithmetic d. argument
a. maintain b. entertain c. fountain d. retain
Choose the most appropriate answer from a, b, c or d.
The scientific study of the life and structure of plants and animals is called ______.
a. biology b. philosophy c. geography d. physic
The process of finding somebody / something, or learning about something that was not known about before is called a /an ______.
a. finding b. experiment c. discovery d. development
The science of numbers and shapes is called ______.
a. physics b. mathematics c. biology d. politics
When you ______food, you chance it into substances that your body can use.
a. cure b. digest c. invent d. fee
A force of attraction that causes objects to move towards each other is called ______.
a. electricity b. Evolution c. gravitation d. invention
Christopher Columbus ______ the New Continent quite by chance.
a. invented c. experimented
b. discovered d. developed
The telephone was ______ by Graham Bell.
a. discovered b. cured c. appointed d. invented
Issac Newton had to do many ______ before he could produce an electric lamp.
a. discoveries b. inventions c. experiments d. developments
Most of the experiments are carried out in ______ .
a. laboratories b. farms c. fields d. schools
Charles Darwin was the father of the ______ of evolution.
a. practice b. project c. theory d. problem
Read the passage and then decide which word (a, b, c or d) best fits each space.
It is estimated (the (21) ______ number is not known that worldwide some 60,000 newspapers exists, with a (22) ______ circulation of nearly 500 million. However, the number of readers is (23) ______ greater-as many as three times the circulation figure.
This is because newspapers are shared, some are posted, and (24) ______ placed in libraries and other (25) ______ places. Worldwide, about 8,000 of these newspapers are dailies. About a third of all newspapers are published in North America, (26) ______ third in Europe, and the (27) ______ third in the rest of the world. Countries with the highest newspaper (28) ______ are Britain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, and the United States. Europe has nearly half of the world`s total newspaper circulation, North America about a quarter, and the rest of the world another quarter. Taking the world (29) ______ , the average circulation of dailies per 1,000 persons is about 100, but there are many parts of the world where the modern newspaper is (30) ______ ever seen.
a. correct b. exact c. right d. precise
a. combined b. connected c. linked d. mixed
a. even b. more c. far d. very
a. the rest b. another c. the others d. others
a. public b. common c. open d. shared
a. the next b. the other c. another d. the last
a. spare b. extra c. left d. remaining
a. readers b. readership c. buyers d. subscribers
a. as a whole b. in all c. generally d. on general
a. not b. almost c. scarcely d. seldom
Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.
It`s quite a long way, isn`t it? We ______ about five miles by the time we get back, I`d say.
a. have walked c. will have walked
b. had walked d. would have walked
You can apply for a better job when you ______ more experience
a. have b. had c. have had d. had had
______ I leave home ______ the journey is because the buses aren`t so crowded.
a. The earlier...the easier c. The earlier...the easy
b. The early...the more easy d. The early...the most easy
We ______ that game when we were younger.
a. use to play c. used to play
b. used playing d. use to play
If Mathew ______ his alarm clock, he wouldn`t have overslept.
a. have set b. set c. had set d. was setting
I decided to stay at home last night. I would have gone out if I ______ so tired.
a. wasn`t b. weren`t c. wouldn’t have been d. hadn’t been
Why did you stay at a hotel when you went to New York? You with ______ Barbara.
a. can stay c. could have stayed
b. could stay d. have stayed
Linda has lost her passport again. It`s the second time this ______.
a. has happened c. happened
b. happens d. to happen
She tried to be serious but she couldn`t help ______.
a. laughing c. that she laughed
b. to laugh d. laugh
`Do you know where ______?` `No, he didn`t say.`
a. Tom has gone c. has gone Tom
b. has Tom gone d. Tom go
We gave ______ a meal.
a. at the visitors c. the visitors
b. for the visitors d. to the visitor
The ______ produced at our factory in Scotland.
a. good are b. good is c. goods are d. goods is
Is that my key, or is it ______ ?
a. the yours b. you c. have had d. yours
She doesn`t live here ______.
a. no longer b. some more c. no more d. any longer
The young man seems very ______.
a. sensible b. sense c. sensibly d. senses
I`m not very good ______ repairing things.
a. at b. for c. in d. with
My boys always postpone ______ things.
a. done b. do c. to do d. doing
A friend of mine phoned ______ me to a party.
a. for invite c. so that inviting
b. to invite d. invited
He`s lazy. He never does ______ work.
a. some b. any c. no d. none
I`ll be in London next week. I hope to see Tom ______ there.
a. while I will be c. during I will be
b. while I am d. during I am
Choose the underlined part (a, b, c, or d) that is incorrect.
The rain came sudden and everybody got wet because nobody
a b c
had an umbrella.
Children nowadays seem to be more intelligenter than their
a b
parents when they were at the same age.
c d
When I came in, my father was talking to anyone so I went
a b c
out quietly.
I want to try on the blue skirt over there. Can you showing me
a b c d
the changing room?
Can you make me a cup of coffee? No, there are no coffee left.
a b c d
Ha Anh can now speak English more well than the last time I met him.
a b c d
I am sorry that I could not go to your birthday party. Any
a b c
problems occurred and I could not go.
There are many ways to do this exercise but mine is the best good one
a b c d

She can sing very beautiful and dance very gracefully but she
a b
cannot do any difficult math exercise.
c d
With this type of exercise, reads the questions first and then
a b
read the text to find the correct answer.
c d
Read the passage and choose the best answer.
Our demand for water is constantly increasing. Every year there are more and more people in the world. Factories turn out more and more products and need more and more water. We live in a world of water. But almost all of it - about 97%-is in the oceans. This water is too salty to be used for drinking, farming, and manufacturing. Only about 3% of the world`s water is fresh. Most of this water is not easily available to man because it is locked in glaciers and icecaps.
There is as much water on earth today as there ever was or will ever be. Most of the water we use finds its way to the oceans. There, it is evaporated by the sun. It then falls back to the earth as rain. Water is used and reused over again. It is never used up. Although the world as a whole has plenty of fresh water, some regions have a water shortage. Rain does not fall evenly over the earth. Some regions are always too dry, and others too wet. A region that usually gets enough rain may suddenly have a serious dry spell and another region may be flooded with too much rain.
All of the following statements can be inferred from the text EXCEPT
a. We need more and more water.
b. The population of the world is increasing every year.
c. Most of the world’s water is locked in glaciers and icecaps.
d. Factories also need more water.
Which of the following is NOT true about the world’s water?
a. The vast majority of the world’s water is ocean (or salty) water.
b. Ocean water is salty enough to be used for drinking, farming, and manufacturing.
c. Most fresh water is locked in glaciers and icecaps.
d. The percentage of fresh water is very small.
What can be inferred about water?
a. The amount of water on earth is always the same.
b. Water will probably be exhausted.
c. Water can be used once only.
d. Most of the water we use is rain water.
It can be inferred from the text that ______
a. no region in the world suffers from a lack of fresh water.
b. rain does not fall equally everywhere on earth.
c. the world has plenty of fresh water in comparison with salty water.
d. a region that usually gets enough rain hardly ever has a dry spell.
The phrasal verb “turn out” in the second line is closest in meaning to.
a. sell b. prove to be c. switch off d. produce
Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) which has it similar meaning to the original sentence.
George is a better mechanic than Arthur.
a. Arthur is not better than George at being a mechanic.
b. Arthur is not such a good mechanic as George.
c. Arthur is not better mechanic than George.
d. Arthur is worse than George at being a mechanic.
“Please let me borrow your bike, “ he said to her.
a. He asked her if she could let him borrow her bike.
b. He asked her to borrow your bike.
c. He asked her whether she would let him borrow her bike
d. He asked her to let him borrow her bike.
I wish I had chosen English to study at school.
a. The speaker studied English and now r
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