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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Nga
Ngày gửi: 09h:37' 01-04-2011
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Many tourists who visit Central America find (1)______ surprising to learn that the Mayas still live there. (2)______ it is true that their ancient civilization came to an end when their country was (3)______ over by the Spanish conquistadors, the Mayan people carried (4)______ living in the area. Today there are an estimated 1.2 million Mayas (5)______ live in southern Mexico, and many other areas of Central America states have large Mayan populations as (6)______.
Many of their stories and art forms have remained (7)______ over time, and today, women weave clothing and carpets that have signs and symbols that are the same as (8)______ found in ancient temples.
The different patterns and symbols on these brightly coloured (9)______ not only look attractive, (10)______ can also communicate important information such as marital (11)______.
Even though the majority of the Mayas are now Catholics, many of the festivals that they (12)_______ part in are a mixture of the old rituals that their ancestors (13)______ to practise and more modern Christian elements. It was perhaps the Mayas` ability to (14)_______ and change that made it possible for them to survive to the (15)______ day.
Question 2. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word
Most people agree that pop music started in the US in the 1950s and it developed from black American music. When it started, it was especially for young people. In many countries, they liked listening to it and dancing to it because it was exciting and it was a (1)……of rebelling against their parents’ generation. Many parents strongly disapproved (2)……it. They disliked the way many pops stars (3)…… and acted. They thought the music was rubbish (4)……the group couldn’t sing or play their instruments properly. They said that pop music wouldn’t (5)……for long.
Today, attitudes are different. Many of today’s parents are people who loved pop music when they were young and still (6)…… . As a result of this, pop music is no longer for the young. In addition, some of the stars (7)……career began a long time ago and who are now middle-aged are just as popular today as they were then. Their original (8)……still love them, perhaps because they remind them of when they were young. At the same time, new generations of young people buy their records and go to their concerts. (9)……pop music was not just a brief fashion. All these years later, it is more (10) ……than ever.

Question 3. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word.

Some people still think that cigarette smoking is (38) _________ to their health. Scientific research shows that smoking can cause (39) _________ kinds of diseases. In fact, many people who smoke get lung cancer. Doctors believe that it may also cause lung cancer in people who (40) _________ not smoke. Non-smokers often breathe in the smoke (41) _________ other people’s cigarettes. This is second-hand smoking. People are becoming aware of the danger of second-hand smoke. As a result, they have passed laws that prohibit people from smoking in many public places. Besides, many governments tend to raise taxes on cigarettes so as to discourage people from smoking. With all the concerted efforts made by the authority (42) _________ non-smokers, we can (43) _________forward to a world without smoking.
Question 4.Fill in each space in the following passage with one suitable word.
Miss Darby was one of those people who never threw anything away. “You never know when you might need it” was (1)________ of her favourite sayings. She lived (2)________ herself in a large Victorian house across the road from us. (3)___________ I never went to her house, I knew it was full of antique furniture, Persian carpets and so on. In every room, there were dozens of paintings so that her house was (4)_______an art gallery. I remember my father (5)___________ that she was a “Straffordshire Darby” but I (6)_______no idea of what he meant. I (7)________ out years later that the Darby family had made their money from coal-mining in Straffordshire. We used to make (8)______ stories about her. My sister, Alice, (9)__________was a romantic girl, told us that Miss Darby once had a lover, but he walked out one day and she (10)____________saw him again!
Question 5.
Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But pollution problem is ______(81) complicated as it is serious. It is complicated ______(82) much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. For example, exhaust ______(83) automobiles causes a large percentage of all air pollution. But automobiles ______ (84) transportation for millions of people. Factories discharge much of the material ______(85) pollutes the air and water
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