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grammar 1

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Bảy
Ngày gửi: 11h:43' 24-07-2012
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kim’s concentration is better than anybody’s.
mark thoroughly cleaned the house.
the woman’s curly hair is attractive.
there has been a lot of discussion concerning the new school.
every country is represented at the meeting.
the police protect us from crime.
everybody needs to pay attention.
the water in that bottle isn’t pure.
paul doesn’t earn much money.
the test was very hard so few students passed it.
pls pick up ur books & put them on the self.
she graduated from high school in 1997.
I keep all my pens in this drawer.
they’re building a new hotel across the street from my office.
the price of oil fell lass month.
it’s important to have a good job.
our teacher helps us with the vocabulary exercises.
the tree, which grows behind my house, gives a lot of shade.
all the classes that I’m taking this semester are difficult.
she is the woman who help me get my new job.
the music that they listen to helps them to relax.
exercising every day is good for ur health.
we always take a present to Emma on her B-day.
the store has had 2 sales so far this year.
they have been having some disputes with their neighbors.
I had left the house before u called.
we had been sitting in the plane for hours when it finally took off.
I was getting on the bus when I dropped my wallet.
she is going to deliver that package to u tomorrow morning.
by next month, I’ll have been working at this company for 1 year.
by the time this movie is over, I’ll have eaten this entire bag of popcorn.
we’ll be waiting for u tomorrow when u arrive at the airport.
the price of gasoline will go up again next month.
when we get to the party, everybody will be dancing.
my schedule is perfect! I arrive in Rio de Janeiro just in time for Carnaval.
be carefull. U’re entering into delicate negotiations at the conference next week.
I need ur advice because I’m thinking about buying a new car.
I think it’s time to leave now, don’t u?
kim dislikes going to rock concerns because the music is too loud.
I’m afraid of walking alone at night.
my parents would like to visit us next month.
we were so glad to see u last week.
John agreed to meet us at 8:00.
my brother quit smoking 5 years ago.
u should learn to play the piano.
my daughter will begin to study Chinese next semester.
I ran into some friends at the mall last Saturday.
I have to give back this book to John.
she fell when she was getting off the bus.
I took my glasses off & now I can’t find them.
if u don’t know a phone number, u can look it up in the directory.
I can look after ur cat while u’re on vacation.
I came across an idea while reading this magazine.
after the children finish playing soccer, I’ll pick them up.
they always take a walk after dinner if the weather is nice.
if u had been more serious at ur last job, u would have gotten a promotion.
if u had reminded me about ur B-day last month, I would have sent u a card.
concerts tickets are sold at the box office.
she sold her car to a friend because she couldn’t drive.
the electric lightbulb was invented by Thomas Edison.
It’s too noisy to work in here.
She sounded happy on the telephone last night.
I’ve tried all the desserts at this restaurant, but this one is the most delicious of them all.
u should wear this dress because it’s more elegant than that one.
the plant by the window needs water.
that girl sitting in the corner looks lonely.
most of the programs shown on TV aren’t very interesting.
she was the only student to fail the test.
Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon.
he was the last person to arrive at the party.
Emma fell asleep while she was watching TV.
I spent a lot of money when I went to the frocery store.
feed the dog as soon as u get home.
as soon as Richard got home, he called Colin.
It has been snowing since last night.
Jame has seemed more relaxed since he move to the country.
Jack is a busy man who rarely has time to relax.
It’s always cheaper to buy thing on sale.
don’t forget to pay ur rent monthly.
she’s a lazy student who doesn’t usually do her homework.
It’s cold outside, so I put on an extra sweater.
he’s not only a talented pianist but also a very good singer.
should we schedule the meeting for themorning or the afternoon?
neither Emma nor Daniel can come for
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