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Correcting mistakes exercises 2 (8th form)

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Người gửi: Thao Phạm
Ngày gửi: 14h:45' 04-09-2012
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Correcting mistakes exercises 2 (8th form)

Each sentence has a mistake find and correct it.

They are very proud about their new house.
The first question in the exam was very hardly.
However, he needs to improve his listen skills.
You should clean the floor as quick as possible.
How much time do you spend for learning news words?
It doesn’t matter if you don’t win- just try your most.
It’s right to borrow money occasionally, but don’t let it become a habit.
It didn’t take her long to learn her lesson with heart.
Tim promised trying his best in learning French.
They didn’t try learning all new words they came across.
I need you going to the shop for me.
Thank you for your invitation , which I am very pleasure to accept.
Ann’s mother said that he was proud about her son.
You can use dictionary to find about new words.
What did Tim’s mother tell him in the end of the conversation?
When you see Dennis, tell himself he still owes me some money.
I don’t enjoy to go on vacation as much as I used to.
It was kind to you to take me to the station.
The hospital is trying to raise funds on a new kidney machine.
She taught her children how to care after their pets.
After you will go another 50 meters, you will see a path to your left.
Can you help me moving this table?
Take this map so that you don’t go lost!
All of them agreed to participate for the program.
They are going to clean the banks of the lakes in weekends.
He can remember to be in the hospital when he was four.
She finds it difficulty to get out now with her bad leg.
They ought to spend a lot of money on cleaning out the beach.
Could you give me a small favor?
You should participate to the recycling program.
How many countries will participate on the Olympic Games?
Smoking can lead for heart disease.
They are planning raising fund for the poor.
Does her grandpa live on 73 Albert Street?
Take this form to your teacher and ask her sign it.
She has won many tennis matches since she move from Slovakia.
Most people want to live in comfortable in their old age.
The city center wasn’t as crowded this morning like its usually is.
For January, he has taken five exams and hasn’t got any poor grade.
They lived at Barker Street two years ago.
She became extremely successful since she has been in Switzerland.
For Ronnie began classes, he has met an average of 1.324 people a month.
Petrol is twice as expensive as it is a few years ago.
Please contact me with the above address for more information.
We arrived early in order to buying our tickets.

It is too late to going to the cinema.
47.Tennis has been the most important thing to her for she was a little girl.
“Have something to eat. You have to be hungry.”
This job if a lot different with what I’m used to.
Martina hasn’t attended school for 1994, and she has played tennis for years.
Millions of people have visit Disney World in Florida, since it opened.
Some things are too small to seeing without a microscope.
He is going to study the market in order to is more successful.
We must arrange a convenience time and place for the meeting.
The shop offers a wide select of wine.
I have to get up early tomorrow because I will teach a physics class at 3.00 in the morning.
The situation is already very badly and it is getting worse.
I enjoy not only reading novels but also magazines.
She actually prefers do things by herself.
Is the boat from Hai Phong arriving on 10.30?
He is always getting angrily about something.
We are arriving on Ha Noi in the late afternoon.
She is a famous musician so well as being a photographer.
He worked hard in order to getting good grades.
Richer countries could do more to help poorest countries.
They have just phoned to say that they don’t come back till midnight.
I like everybody who works here, but you’re the nicer of all.
Not only the bathroom was flooded, also the rest of the house.
Take this empty box away and bring to me a full one.
They often look after other work when they need more money for their family.
She thinks Dan is enjoying living away from home when he goes to University.
People are becoming increasingly anger about the delay.
All the car parks were full, so we had to look at somewhere to park.
Even today, most Americans prefer coffee than tea.
The governments tried providing facilities for these migrants.
He is going to get to work earlier in order to
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