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    Người gửi: Sao Song Tu
    Ngày gửi: 18h:57' 02-02-2013
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    Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others (5p):
    A. photograph B. photographer C. photographic D. photogenic
    A. small B. supply C. sure D. species
    A. chaos B. scheme C. machine D. chorus
    A. produced B. practiced C. promised D. advised
    A. coughs B. ploughs C. laughs D. walks
    Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others (5p):
    A. challenge B. marine C. remain D. device
    A. photography B. priority C. vulnerable D. potential
    A. supportive B. mischievous C. hospital D. special
    A. promise B. forgive C. succeed D. survive
    A. approach B. respect C. particular D. property

    Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct forms (10p):
    By the time you get back, Harry (leave).
    My son likes eating chocolate (produce) in France.
    (Tell) about the dangers of mountain-climbing, the boys prepared themselves for the worst.
    Were it not for the helmet, more motorcyclists (kill).
    I suggested that we (complete) the project within a year.
    I feel as if my head (be) on fire now, doctor.
    Do you object to (have) a party this weekend?
    I hate (call) when I am at home.
    Do you know the last student (leave) the room yesterday?
    Congratulations! It’s nice to meet someone who (be) married for so long and is still happy.

    Read the text below and choose the answer (A, B, C, or D) which you think fits best according to the text (10p):
    Today we take electricity for granted and perhaps we do not realize just how useful this discovery has been. Steam was the first invention that replaced wind power. It was used to drive engines and was passed through pipes and radiators to warm rooms. Petrol mixed with air was the next invention that provided power. Exploded in a cylinder, it drove a motor engine. Beyond these simple and direct uses, those forms have not much adaptability.
    On the other hand, we make use of electricity in thousands of ways. From the powerful voltages that drive our electric trains to the tiny current needed to work a simple calculator, and from the huge electric magnet in steel works that can lift 10 tons to the tiny electric magnet in a doorbell, all are powered by electricity. An electric current can be made with equal ease to heat a huge mass of molten metal in a furnace, or to boil a jug for a cup of coffee.
    Other than atomic energy, which has not as yet been harnessed to the full, electricity is the greatest power in the world. It is flexible, and so adaptable for any task for which it is wanted. It travels so easily and with incredible speed along wires or conductors that it can be supplied instantly over vast distances.
    To generate electricity, huge turbines or generators must be turned. In Australia they use coal or water to drive this machinery. When dams are built, falling water is used to drive the turbines without polluting the atmosphere with smoke from coal. Atomic power is used in several countries but there is always the fear of an accident. A tragedy once occurred at Chernobyl, in Ukraine, at an atomic power plant used to make electricity. The reactor leaked, which caused many deaths through radiation.
    Now scientists are examining new ways of creating electricity without harmful effects to the environment. They may harness the tides as they flow in and out of bays. Most importantly, they hope to trap sunlight more efficiently. We do use solar heaters for swimming pools but as yet improvement in the capacity of the solar cells to create more current is necessary. When this happens, electric cars will be viable and the world will rid itself of the toxic gases given off by trucks and cars that burn fossil fuels.

    21. The author mentions the sources of energy such as wind, steam, petrol in the first paragraph to ______.
    A. suggest that electricity should be alternated with safer sources of energy
    B. emphasize the usefulness and adaptability of electricity
    C. imply that electricity is not the only useful source of energy
    D. discuss which source of energy can be a suitable alternative to electricity
    22. Before electricity, what was sometimes passed through pipes to heat rooms?
    A. Gas. B. Petrol. C. Steam. D. Hot wind.
    23. What does the author mean by saying that electricity is flexible?
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