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    Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết lớp 7 - Tiếng Anh

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    Người gửi: Trần Văn Tùng
    Ngày gửi: 11h:37' 13-10-2008
    Dung lượng: 39.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 1511
    Số lượt thích: 2 người (Hoa Mơ, Vũ Thu Hà)
    Cai Dau Secondary School
     TEST 15’ A
    Class : 7A…………..
    Full name :………………………………………………….
     Subject : English
    Date : 30/ 9/ 2008
    I/ Listen to the information for the three people on the tape and circle the best answer ( A, B, C or D) . The recording will be spoken three times ( 1,5ms):
    How old is Tom ?
    a. 20 b. 26 c. 19 d. 24
    What is his job?
    a. a doctor b. a journalist c. a farmer d. a teacher
    How old is Susan?
    a. 26 b. 22 c. 19 d. 20
    What is her job?
    a. a nurse b. a journalist c. an engineer d. a teacher
    How old is Bill?
    a. 20 b. 26 c. 24 d. 19
    Where does he work?
    a. at a high school b. for a magazine c. in a hospital d. on a farm
    II/ Circle the word whose main stress is different from the rest (0,5m):
    1. a. wonderful b. delicious c. beautiful d. different
    2. a. repeat b. invite c. describe d. finish
    III/ Circle the best answer ( A , B , C or D ) to complete the sentences ( 2ms) :
    ………. is it form your house to school? – It’s not far – about one kilometer.
    a. How b. Where c. How far d. What
    What ……… expensive dress!
    a. the b. an c. a d. ø
    They ………….. badminton next week.
    a. will play b. is playing c. plays d. play
    Nga takes care of sick people in a hospital. She is a ………………
    a. doctor b. journalist c. farmer d. teacher
    How is Hoa’s new school different …………… her old school?
    a. with b. from c. to d. about
    Hoa is very …………..because she doesn’t have any friends in Ha Noi.
    a. happy b. sad c. unhappy d. b & c
    Which house will be the …………. for you family? The one at number 40.
    a. more suitable b. suitabler c. most suitable d. suitablest
    There ………. a sink, a tub and a shower in the bathroom.
    a. is b. are c. have d has
    IV/ There is a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence.Find the mistakes (A,B,C,D) (1m)
    Her full name is Pham Thi Hoa, so her middle name is Pham.
    A B C D
    2. He lives on 24 Tran Hung Dao street with his parents.
    A B C D
    What a amazing living room!
    A B C D
    4. September is the nineth month of the year.
    A B C D
    V/ Circle the best answer ( A,B,C or D) to complete the passage (1m):
    Hoa is a new student in class 7A. She is (1) …………. Hue and her parents still live there. She (2) ………. with her uncle and aunt in Ha Noi. Hoa has (3) …………. friends in Hue . But she doesn’t have any friends in Ha Noi. Many things are different. Her new school is (4) …………than her old school. Her new school has a lot of students.
    1. a. with b. from c. on d. to
    2. a. lives b. live c. will live d. are living
    3. a. a lot b. lot of c. a lots of d. lots of
    4. a. big b. biger c. bigger d. biggest
    VI/ Read the passage below and circle the correct answer for each question (2ms):
    Hi!My name’s John.I live in London.It is only 8 km from my house to my school .I usually go by bus. There is often a lot of traffic,so it can be quite slow.I usually leave home at 8 o’clock, and get to school at twenty past eight.The journey home is always terrible.Sometimes I get home in forty-five minutes!
    Journey(n):chặng đường terrible(adj):kinh khủng
    1. Where is John from?
    a.Tokyo b. London c. New York d. Paris

    waaaa hayyyyyyyy lan sau nho gui cua hoc ki II nua nhaaaaaaa..............


    có trúng tủ kô ???????????


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