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Test 45 minutes

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Người gửi: Phạm Thanh Nga
Ngày gửi: 22h:20' 02-11-2011
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Tue Tinh high school

Full name
Class: 11 E
English Test: 45 Minutes (2nd)

I) LISTENING: (2.0 Ps)

Listen to the passage, then fill the missing words in the blank
1. The history of Boston Marathon. This is one of the ____________(1) road races in the United States
2. The race is held ____________(2) in the middle of ____________(3).
3. It began in ____________(4). And the same year Mc John Dermott ____________(5) the first Boston Athletic Association Marathon.
4. He was the first man who won the first Boston Marathon in the ____________(6). He came from ______________________ (7).
5. He was engaged from ____________(8) runners, and he clocked 2 hours 50 minutes and 10 seconds.
II) READING : (2.5 Ps)
Read the passage then choose the best answer among A, B, C or D .
Voluntary service overseas (VSO)
VSO is a registered charity dedicated to assisting in developing countries. More specifically, it is a recruitment agency which finds, selects and places volunteers in response to overseas requests. This work makes it distinctive among other charities and organizations in the U.K. It sends people, not money, so that its services are, in effect, entirely complementary to the efforts being made by agencies like Oxfam, Christian Aid and Save the Children Fund with whom it often works directly. VSO tries to respond to requests from overseas which ask for volunteers. Its bias is firmly towards the poorest members of the community and it takes great care to avoid undermining job opportunities for local people. Both staff and volunteers also pay special attention to women’s roles in development projects. This is because women’s roles in child- rearing, education and community cohesion are essential in any healthy process of change.
Over the past 38 years, more than 21,000 volunteers have worked abroad with VSO. There are now over 1,900 volunteers working in 59 of the less developed countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribean. The application of each volunteer is carefully considered in order to select and interview candidates against each job request from the field, to seek the person with the right blend of skills and personality.
VSO, the work
VSO volunteers do not go to developing countries as visiting experts with all the answers. It is always a process of sharing and learning. The aim is that when the volunteers return home, there exists a community with a stronger sense of independence and self reliance… and a volunteer with a new understanding and appreciation of life and people everywhere. The range of jobs required of VSO is wide- reflecting the needs of any society in the modern world.
1. VSO is different from other charities and organizations in the UK because it
A. is a registered body B. sends financial aid to developing countries
C. sends volunteers to help abroad D. recruits volunteers to work in Britain
2. Requests from overseas most likely to be dealt with are those which
A. specifically ask for female staff and volunteers B. require volunteers to work with the local inhabitants
C. require help and advice on health care D. need help to train less wealthy members of the community
3. According to those who works for VSO, who plays the most important part in bringing about change?
A. charitable organization B. volunteers from abroad
C. women in local communities D. staff who recruit volunteers
4. What happens when VSO wants to appoint new volunteers?
A. they give preference to applicants living abroad B. They give each applicant several interviews
C. They refer applications to countries requesting volunteers D. They match all applicants to jobs very carefully
5. The volunteer chosen to go out to a developing country
A. must have experience of working overseas B. will quickly become an expert in the field
C. will gain more knowledge about the world we live in D. must leave the country before it becomes independent
A. Multiple choices (2.0 Ps)
1. She suggested ___________ for a while.
A. to go B. going out C. to go out D. to going out
2. By the time we got to the market, all the shops……………………….
A. closed B. have closed C. had closed D. was closed
3. Mr. John thanked me………………….helping him with the homework.
A. to B. on C. of D. for
4. He said. “ I’m sorry I didn’t reply to the letter.”
A. He apologized for not replying to the letter. B. He apologized for didn’t reply to the letter.
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