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smartstart grade 5

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Người gửi: Bùi Ngoc Loan
Ngày gửi: 08h:39' 02-12-2019
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Số lượt thích: 3 người (trần thị diệu ái, Phan Minh Thy, Be Quan)
P1. Listen and draw lines. There is one example
Adam Pat Toby Amy Josh Emma
Cow chicken goat duck horse sheep
P2: Listen and write. A TRIP TO THE ZOO
There is one example
What does Adam want to see at the zoo? monkeys
1. What are the bears doing? ________
2. What’s Adam’s favorite animal? ________
3. What would Adam like to drink? ________
4. What’s the matter with Adam? _______
P3: What did Adam do last week? Listen and draw a line.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Tennis Grandparents’ house movie a flea market go to the zoo
P4: Listen and tick (() the box.
Where’s Pat going? Art Ballet yoga
What does Pat want to do in the evening? a flea market super market toyshope
How much is the doll? $68 $78 $88 $48
What would Pat like to drink? milkshake juice milk
What`s the matter with Pat? Cold dizzy headache
P1: Look & Choose the correct words and write them on the lines
Soccer a snake martial arts art class a hat basketball
1.This is where you go to learn how to draw and paint._______
2. This is a sport where you have to kick a ball into a net._______
3. This is an item of clothing that you wear on your head.______
4. This is a sport where you have to throw a ball into a net._____
5. This animal is thin and long.______
P2: Look and read. Write Yes or No
This is a shop. The cap is 19 dollars. The pants are 47 dollars. The scarf is 29 dollars. The gloves are 25 dollars. The dress is 98 dollars. The blue sweater is 89 dollars. T- shirt is 37 dollars. And The red sweater was $59 and the handbag was $55.
1. The cap is nineteen dollars
2. The pants are forty dollars
3. The scarf is twenty-nine dollars.
4. The gloves are twenty-four dollars.
5. The dress is ninety-eight dollars.
6. The red sweater is eighty-nine dollars.
Part 3: Read the text and choose the best answer
Adam: Hello, Emma. How are you?
Emma: A. I’m great, thank you. B. How are you? C. Bill’s fine.
Adam: What did you do in the summer?
Emma: A. Yes, sure. B. I went to the beach with my family. C. I’m going to tennis lessons
Adam: Do you want to go the clothes store?
Emma: A. Yes, here you are. B. No, I like elephants. C. Yes, sure
Adam: How much is this pink T-shirt?
Emma: A. Yes, here you are. B. No, thanks. C. Oh, it’s cheap. Only 10 dollars
Adam: What’s the matter?
Emma: A. Oh, I have a stomach ache. B. He’s my brother. C. I’m going to the zoo.
Part 4:Read & Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-3.
animals monkeys tiger elephant fish
My name is Pat. I went to the zoo in the summer with my family. I saw a lot of (0)_____ in the zoo. There were a lot of little (1) ____ swimming in the water and (2) ____ climbing the trees. The zookeeper said that monkeys live in forests. I also saw some bats, they live in caves and come out at night. My favorite animal there, was this really big grey (3) ____, it has a long nose and looked so happy.
(4) Now choose the best name for the story. Tick one box.
Pat’s day at the zoo Pat’s day at school Pat’s day at the park
Part 5: Write some words to complete the sentences about the story.
Toby had a great holiday with his family. First, he went to an amusement park and went on a roller coaster, and it went so fast. Next, he went to a waterpark with his family. They went on lots of water slides. It was fun but they had to go when it started raining. Then they went to a restaurant. Lisa ate such a big burger,
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