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(Thờigianlàmbài 150 phút, khôngkể thờigiangiaođề)

PART I.Listen to the dialogue on the phone between and a man and a girl named Juliet and fill in the form. You are allowed to listen TWICE. Give your answers in the numbered spaces.
Name: Juliet A.Eastman
Age: (01)______________ Hair color: (02)______________ Eye color: (03)______________Height:(04)______________ Occupation:(05)______________
Likes: going out and having fun, sports, (06)______________and (07)______________
Wants to meet someone who : (08)______________likessame(09)______________and (10)______________

Part II. You are going to hear an expert talk about sleeping and dreaming. Listen and write True (T) or False (F) for each sentence. You are allowed to listen TWICE.
11. Women sleep more than men.
12. A sound sleeper moves less than a light sleeper.
13. Most people need 9 hours of sleep a night.
14. Reading in bed helps you sleep.
15. Some people don’t dream at all.
16. The average person has about four dreams a night.
17. Not everyone can remember his or her dreams.
18. Eating before bed can give you nightmares.

PART III. You are going to listen to a talk about Margaret Mead. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each question. You are allowed to listen TWICE.
19. What was Margaret Mead’sjob?
A. aphotographer B. abiologist C.ananthropologist D. ajournalist
20. What was Margaret Mead’s maininterest?
A. takingphotographs B. exploring newplaces
C. how children werelookedafter. D. living in pourareas.
21. When did Margaret Mead go toSamoa?
A. in1901. B. in the 1920s. C. in 1938. D. in 1978.
22. Who did she interview in her first trip toSamoa?
A. girls between 9 and 20yearsold. B. boys and girls between 9 and 20 yearsold.
C. women over 20yearsold. D. men and women over 20 yearsold.
23. What was the title of Margaret Mead’sbook?
A. ThepacificIslands. B. Teenagers around theWorld.
C. Growing Up inNewGuinea. D. Coming of Age inSamoa.
24. What was the main reason why Margaret Mead tookphotos?
A. Shelikedphotography. B. Cameras were not very common at thattime.
C. Her husbandlikedphotos. D. It was the best way to share what shelearned.
25. What is the main topic of the listeningpassage?
A. Margaret Mead went to college in NewYork.
B. Margaret Mead did research on the role ofculture.
C. Margaret Mead took photographs and wrotebooks.
D. Margaret Mead was born inPhiladelphia

PART IV. Choose the answer A, B, C or D which best fits the space in each of the following sentences.
26. ___________ saying was so important that I asked everyone to stop talking andlisten.
A. What thewoman was B. That the womanwas
C. Thewomanwas D. When was the woman
27. -“Do you mind if I takeaseat?” -“___________.”
A. Yes, Idon’tmind B. No, do as youplease
C. NoImind D. Yes, do as you please
28. As the two teams left the football ground,the100,000___________ gave them a standingovation.
A. bystanders B.spectators C. viewers D. audiences
29. My parents lent methemoney. ___________, I couldn’t have afforded thetrip.
A.However B.Therefore C. Onlyif D.Otherwise
30. It is interestingtotake___________ a new hobby such as collecting stamps or goingfishing.
A. over B. on C. in D. up
31. Jackmade me___________ him nextweek.
A. promisecalling B. to promisecalling C. to promise tocall D. promise tocall
32. “I passed the TOEFLtest,Mom.” -“___________.”
A. All right B.Thankyou C.Welldone D. Good luck
33. The bad weather caused serious damage to the crop. Ifonlyit___________ warmer.
A. was B.were C. has been D. had been
34. - “Eric is really upset about losinghisjob.” -“Well, ___________ once myself, I canunderstand

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