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test 1 lớp 9

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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Đào Như Mạnh
Ngày gửi: 19h:17' 18-10-2017
Dung lượng: 30.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 36
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Name : ____________________________________
Class : 9A
The First English Test
Duration : 45 minutes

Teacher’s remarks

I . Choose the best options : ( 2ps )
1. She often goes to the ___________ to pray because her religion is Islam .
a. church b. pagoda c. temple d. mosque
2. They were welcomed by friendly _____________ in Vietnam .
a. air b. matter c. impression d. atmosphere
3. The word jeans comes _____________ a kind of material that was made in Europe .
a. in b. at c. from d. on
4. Nguyen Du is considered a famous Vietnamese ___________ .
a. poetry b. poem c. poet d. poetic
5. The Ao dai is the ____________ dress of Vietnamese women .
a. traditional b. beautiful c. casual d. baggy
6. The national dress of Japanese women is ______________ .
a. kimono b. Ao dai c. Sari d. jeans
7. The United States has a ____________ of around 250 million .
a. separation b. population c. addition d. introduction
8. It’s very kind ______________ you to say so !
a. in b. to c. for d. of
II . Choose a , b , s , or d to complete the following sentences : ( 2ps )
1. I wish Susan ___________ harder for her examination .
a. will work b. worked c. has worked d. works
2. It seems difficult for us __________ abroad at the moment .
a. go b. went c. to go d. gone
3. Millions of Christmas cards ____________ last month .
a. were sent b. sent c. send d. are sent
4. I ____________ English here since I graduated from university .
a. teach b. taught c. have taught d. am teaching
5. Wearing uniform helps students _____________ equal in many ways
a. fell b. feel c. fall d. felt
6. Mary ____________ write to me last year .
a. uses to b. used to c. is used to d. was used to
7. What were you doing when he _________________ ?
a. comes b. to come c. came d. coming
8. He hates being ______________ at .
a. look b. looked c. looking d. to look
III . Choose a , b , s , or d to complete the following passage : ( 1,5p )
Clothes can tell a lot (1)________ a person . Some people like very colorful clothes because they want everyone (2) ___________ at them and they want to be the center of things . (3) __________ people like to wear nice clothes , but their clothes are not (4) _____________ or fancy . They do not like people (5)__________ . Clothes today are very different (6) ___________ the clothes of the 1800s .
1.a. about b. at c. with d. on
2.a. look b. to look c. looked d. looking
3.a. each other b. another c. others d. other
4.a. color b. colorful c. colorfully d. colored
5.a. to look at them b. to looking at them c. looking at them d. looked at them
6.a. at b. to c. from d. in
IV. Read the passage , then answer the questions : (1,5p)

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