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test 3 english 7 thi điểm ( co file nghe )

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Class: 7
The 45-minute test
Test 3

I.Listen to a music festival and tick (V) true ( T ) or false (F)


The Isle of Wight is the most well-known festival in the world

About 60,000 people attended the festival last year

Nick and his family stayed at a hotel near the campsite

Jon Bon Jovi is Nick’s favourite singer

Jon Bon Jovi’s band performed for nearly 3 hours

II.Listen to a conversation between Mai and Oanh and then choose the best answer

1.What did Mai do yesterday afternoon ?

a.she stayed at home
b. she rode her bike
c. she walk around the lake

2.Oanh says that it’s healthy to ………..

c.stay home

3.Mai used to go o school ……………………… car
B. on foot
c. by bicycle

4.Mai and Oanh agree to go cycling………………

b. every day
c. at the weekend

I. Find the words which has a different sound in the part underline
1. A. healthy B. ahead C. bread D. seatbelt
2. A. hey B. honey C. obey D. grey
3. A. played B. closed C. filled D. needed
4. A. naked B. cooked C. booked D. walked
5. A. ways B. days C. says D. stays
II: Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.
1. Traffic accidents can be prevented if people __________ the rules.
A. remember B. obey C. go after D. take care of
2. __________ is not very far from here to the suppermarket.
A. There B. This C. It D. That
3. You should look right and left when you go __________ the road
A. along B. up C. down D. across
4. __________ the story of the film was good, I didn’t like the acting.
A. Because B. Since C. As D. Although
5. I love the __________ of folk songs
A. perform B. performing C. performed D. performance
6. I first ___________ Melbourne in 2003
A. went B. have been C. have gone D. visited
7. It must be ___________ to see elephants racing.
A. amaze B. amazed C. amazing D. amazement
8. I went to see the film ___________ feeling really tired.
A. despite B. although C. though D. even though
9. The Festival of the Sun is held ___________June 24th.
A. in B. at C. on D. about
I: Read the passage and tick (() True or False.
People of ethnic minorities in Phu Yen celebrate Hoi Mua Festival
every March. It is held to thank the Rice God for the crop, and to pray for better crops in the future. Families also worship their ancestors and parents on this occasion. Villagers voluntarily contribute money and other things to celebrate the festival.
In this festival monks are invited to preach. People play drums, sing songs and dance. They also drink rice wine through a long thin bamboo tube. There are some other activities such as cultural shows, buffalo races, and traditional games. The festive atmosphere is felt around all the villages.

True or False?

1. All people in Phu Yen celebrate Hoi Mua Festival every March.

2. . Families also worship their ancestors and parents on this occasion.

3. Villagers voluntarily only contribute money to celebrate the festival.

4. Monks are invited play drums, sing songs and dance.

5. The festive atmosphere is felt around all the villages.

II: Read and match the types of films with their definitions.
Types of film

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