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test 45 grade 9 N1

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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Minh Hằng
Ngày gửi: 11h:24' 12-01-2018
Dung lượng: 89.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 331
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Nguyen Van Troi school
Name : …………………………….
Class 9A
N0 1 (2015-2016)
Marks and Teacher’s remarks

I. Use of English 1
Part 1: Pronunciation: (0,5pt) Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others
1. A. necessity B. minority C. style D. primary
2. A. watches B. impresses C. misses D. Plays
Part 2: Speaking: (0,5pt)
1. “Hello!. You must be Jane” “________”
A. Nice to see you again B. I’m very pleased
C. It’s my pleasure D. That’s right. I am..
2. Lan: What do you often wear on the weekend? - Mai : .........................................
A. Yes, I like jeans very much B. I have a short-sleeved pink blouse.
C. I often wear a blouse with a skirt D. No, I don’t
II. Use of English 2: Vocabulary and Grammar: Choose the correct word in the brackets to complete the sentences (3,0pts)
1. We have been pen pals for over two years and we ________ with each other once a week.
A. correspond B. separate C. comprise D. touch
2. Ao Dai ________ of a long silk tunic that is slit on the sides and worn over loose pants.
A. comprises B. divides C. depends D. consists
3. I usually wear clothes that I ________ myself.
A. dress B. design C. produce D. preffer
4. Workers at that time loved wearing jeans because it didn’t ________ easily.
A. wear out B. try on C. put on D. take off
5. I wish I ________ a pen pal in England.
A. have B. had C. get D. take
6. Tom wishes his neighbors ________ so much noise every day.
A. doesn’t make B. hasn’t made C. won’t made D. didn’t make
7. Wearing uniforms helps students………..equal in many ways, whether they are rich or poor.
A. feeling B. feel C. felt D. To feel
8. I ________Jeans and T-shirt yesterday.
A. wear B. wears C. is wearing D. wore
9. Jean cloth ________ completely from cotton.
A. made B. is made C. is making D. has made
10. Their future depends ________ how they will do at school.
A. on B. to C. of D. for
11. When Lan was in primary school, she ________ past the Mosque on Hang Luoc street.
A. used to walk B. walks C. has walked D. uses to walk
12. I am a fashion designer. I ________ a designer for ten years.
A. am B. has been C. have been D. was
III. READING: (3,0pts)
Part 1 .Choose the option (a,b,c,d) that best complete the passage (1.5pts)
Jeans are very popular with young people all (1)………the world . Some people say that jeans are the “uniform”of (2)………… . But they haven’t always been popular . The story of jeans started (3)……………..two hundred years ago. People in Genoa, Italy made pants.The cloth made in Genoa was called “jeanos”. The pants were called “jeans”. In 1850, a salesman (4)…………….California bagan selling pants made of canvas. His name was Levi Strauss. (6)……………..they were strong, “Levi’s pants” became popular with gold miners, farmers and cowboys. Six years (8)……………..., Levis began making his pants with blue cotton cloth called denim. Soon after, factory workers in the United States and Europe began wearing jeans.
1- A. in B. on C. over D. above
2- A. youth B. young C. younger D. youngest
3- A. lots B. much C. most D. almost
4- A. in B. on C. at D. with
5- A. Although B. But C. Because D. So
6- A. late B. later C. latest D. last
Part 2. Read the text carefully, then answer True
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