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test for unit 3-english 9

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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Nguyễn Tiến Lực
Ngày gửi: 13h:16' 16-10-2017
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I. Pronunciation:
1. a. village b. shrine c. river d. picnic
2. a. town b. grown c. mountain d. down
3. a. tired b. enjoyed c. reached d. arrived
4. a. bamboo b. afternoon c. food d. foot
5. a. trips b. rivers c. trees d. days
II. Choose the best answers:
1. _________ weekends, the tree boys help Mr. Parker with farm work. (from / in / since / on)
2. My home village is about 30 kilometers _____ the north of the city. (in / from / to / at)
3. He is now living with his family _______ a farm. (in / on / at / from)
4. Many tourists visit the ________ of a historical hero on the mountain. (church / mosque / shrine / temple)
5. We had an _____ student from Spain staying with us last year. (exchange / interchange / university / abroad)
6. My brother is a university student, but he works _______ as a waiter in the evenings. (all the time/ full-time/ part-time/ sometime)
7. Ok. I’ll meet you at the main_____ to the Plaza at six o’clock. (arrival/ access/ highway/ entrance)
8. Everyone felt tired and hungry, so they sat down and took a(n) ____. (relax/ enjoyment/ rest/ snack)
9. When she _____ the top of the stairs, her heart was pounding. (went/ reached/ stopped/ travelled)
10. We spent an enjoyable evening boating on the river. (pleasant/ boring/ comfortable/ free)
11. “May I use your phone?” – “Certainly. ________________”
a. Hold on, please. b. It doesn’t matter. c. Here you are. d. You’re welcome.
12. “Would you like to have tea with us?” – “________________”.
a. Yes. I’d love to b. Yes, I would c. That’s a good idea d. I think so
III. Use the correct form of the word given to complete each sentence:
1. Children seem to have lost their _______________ in reading. (enjoy)
2. Most of the __________ have lived here all their lives. (village)
3. She listens to classical music for _____________. (relax)
4. I find this piece of music very _________. (rest)
5. He made a ________ of Roman coins and medals. (collect)
6. Harry Potter is an _____ book for children, but my youngest sister is not at all ___________ in it. (interest)
7. The French team was _____________ not to win the match. (luck)
8. The weekend passed ___________- and we all felt very _____________. (enjoy-rest)
9. The song remembers the brave____________ who died for the country. (heroic)
10. There is a small bamboo forest at the _______________ to the village. (enter)
IV. Write sentences with Wish:
1. Joe doesn’t have a tape recorder. _________________________________________
2. I don’t know anything about cars. _________________________________________
3. Maryam can’t stay in Hanoi longer. _________________________________________
4. My parents aren’t coming to dinner. _________________________________________
5. Jane has to study for a test. _________________________________________
6. We live in a small flat. _________________________________________
7. They aren’t any pictures in my room. _________________________________________
8. The weather isn’t nice today. _________________________________________
9. John is not living in an apartment. _________________________________________
10. I can’t visit my grandparents often. _________________________________________
V. Rewrite the sentences without changing meaning:
1. The last time we went to c cinema was two years ago.
-> We haven’t _______________________________________.
2. The journey to the village was very interesting to the boys.
-> The boys felt ______________________________________.
3. He bought such a lot of books that he couldn’t read them all.
-> So _______________________________________________.
4. His parents made him study for the exams.
-> He ________________________________________________.
5. I wish I could speak English fluently.
-> It’s a _______________________________________________.
6. He hasn’t gone back to his village since 1990.
-> He last______________________________________________.
7. I’m sorry I’m not able to go with you.
-> I wish _______________________________________________.
8. Spending the weekend in the countryside is very exciting.
-> It’s _________________________________________________.
9. Why don’t we go to the countryside
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