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test ky 1 co file nghe

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Người gửi: Yen Lucky
Ngày gửi: 17h:56' 14-12-2017
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Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. happy
B. history
C. hour
D. hotel

2. A. stopped
B. washed
C. watched
D. decided

3. A. school
B. character
C. children
D. chemistry

4. A. weather
B. thank
C. anything
D. birthday

Question I. Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete each sentence.
1.My students enjoy _________ English very much.
A. learn
 B. learnt
C. learning
D. to learn

2. I don’t have a computer at home, _________I can’t get access to the Internet.
A. however
 B. so
C. although
D. but

3. Please turn _______ the light when you leave the room.
A. on B. off C.up D. down
4. This hand- embroidered picture was expensive ____________ we bought it.
A. because
B. when
C. so
D. even though

5. The children in my home village used ______ bare-footed, even in winter.
A. to go
B. went
C. goes
D. going

6. We have to try harder so that our handicrafts can keep _____ theirs.
A. on B. up C. up with D. up down
7.Every nation has respect for their long-preserved ______. A. behaviours B. practices C. traditions D. traditional
8. I look forward to _____ you soon.
A. see B. seeing C. seen D. saw
9. I invited her to join our trip to Trang An, but she ______ down my invitation.
A. passed B. sat C. turned D. closed
10.Giving lucky money to the young and the old at Tet is a common ______ in many Asian countries. A. behavior B. practice C. tradition D. cultural
Question II. Choose the best answers to complete the following sentences.
1. The villagers are trying to learn English _____ they can communicate with foreign customers.
A. so that B. in order that C. although D. A and B are correct 2. I’ve been to a _____ village in Hue!
A. conical hat making B. making conical hat C. making conical hats D.hat making conical
3. _____ we had eaten lunch, we went to Non Nuoc marble village to buy some souvenirs.
A. After B. Before C. By the time D. Because 4. Do you think that the various crafts remind people _____ a specific region?
A. about B. of C. for D. at
5. _____ this hand-embroidered picture was expensive, we bought it.
A. As B. Because C. Even though D. so that
6. Conical hat making in the village has been passed _____ from generation to generation
A. on B. down C. up D.in
7. This department store is an attraction in my city _____ the products are of good quality. A. when B. because C. though D.
8. A conical hat is a well-known handicraft, not only in Viet Nam, _____ all around the world.
A. and B. but C. so D. or
9. This is called a Chuong conical hat _____ it was made in Chuong village.
A. but B. so C. since D. because of
10. They can’t because we have lots of products. They make some and other people make__________.
A. the rest B. the last C. the other D. others
11. I look forward to _____ you soon.
A. see B. seeing C. seen D. saw
12. It’s a nice place for _____ who love nature and quietness.
A. this B. that C. those D. the other
13. You like history, so Viet Nam National Museum of History is a _____ place.
A. must-see B. must-be seen C. must-be seeing D. to see
14. The artisan ______ this statue in bronze.
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