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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 13h:23' 27-12-2020
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Exercise 1. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
01. A. chore B. work C. more D. divorce
02. A. trashed B. talked C. reached D. loved
03. A. prepare B. help C. tennis D. tell
04. A. husband B. mum C. contribute D. vulnerable
05. A. cleaned B. shared C. called D. visited
06. A. skill B. split C. children D. finance
07. A. breadwinner B. clean C. each D. lead
08. A. balance B. challenge C. career D. happy
09. A. share B. alike C. tradition D. equal
10. A. generation B. grateful C. educate D. grandparents
Exercise 2. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
11. Linh can’t go out with us to see a movie now because she’s_________ meal.
A. preparing B. making C. arranging D. keeping
12. I’m responsible for cooking dinner as my mother usually works_________.
A. lately B. early C. later D. late
13. I usually_________ my younger sisters when my parents are away on business.
A. pick up B. take care of C. look for D. take charge of
14. Ms. Mai asked me how she could_________ household chores equally in her family.
A. make B. divide C. give D. contribute
15. In my family, my father always takes charge of doing the_________ lifting.
A. strong B. hard C. heavy D. huge
16. My mother told me to do the_________ yesterday but I forgot about it since I had much homework to finish. A. wash-up B. laundry C. childcare D. exercises
17. _________ the rubbish in the early morning is a part of my daily routine.
A. Taking out B. Coming out C. Pulling out D. Bringing out
18. My wife is going on her business next week so I have to_________ most of the chores around the house. A. distribute B. hold C. take D. handle
19. Mr. Hoang found it difficult to be in charge of the household_________.
A. financial B. financially C. finances D. financier
20. _________ is a person who works at home and takes care of the house and family.
A. Breadwinner B. Homemaker C. Servant D. Houseman
21. When his wife gave birth to a baby boy, Mr. Nam became the sole_________.
A. housemaid B. housekeeper C. father D. breadwinner
22. My mother and I often go to the supermarket to shop for_________ at weekends.
A. cook B. groceries C. heavy lifting D. the chores
23. After eating dinner, I have to do the_________ and then do my homework every day.
A. washing-up B. wash-up C. washing-ups D. washings-up
24. Her husband is very kind. He always cares_________ her and never puts all of the housework_________ her.
A. about/in B. for/in C. about/on D. with/on
25. To Hoa, her father is the greatest person in the world and he always sets a good_________ for her.
A. role B. behaviour C. example D. action
26. We take_________ in doing the washing-up, cleaning the floor and watering the flowers.
A. turn B. out C. around D. turns
27. Most people will receive_________ benefits when sharing the housework in their family.
A. enormously B. enormity C. enormous D.
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