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The first Term revision -grade 11

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Bích Vân
Ngày gửi: 09h:49' 22-11-2017
Dung lượng: 99.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 2613
Số lượt thích: 3 người (Lê Anh Hoàng, Nguyễn Thị Kiều Diễm, Ngô Thị Hân)
Unit 1 – Unit 5
I. Pronunciation & Stress: see Glossary
II. Vocabulary: see Glossary
III. Grammar:
1. Modal verbs
2. Linking verbs + adjectives
3. Cleft sentences: It is / was … that …
4. To-infinitives after certain adjectives, nouns and verbs
5. Tenses: Present Perfect & Simple Past
6. Prepositions
7. Gerund and state verbs
IV. Reading: Topics: Family, Generation gap, Relationships, Becoming Independent, Caring for those in need,being a part of ASEAN

I. Pronunciation:
1. A. community B. confident C. financial D. reconcile
2. A. elegant B. cognitive C. progress D. generation
3. A. extended B. expensive C. extra D. external
4. A. childcare B. blind C. integrate D. decisive
5. A. afford B. assistant C. date D. comfortable
6. A.distract B. brand C.generation D. romantic
7. A.consevative B.conflict C.forbid D. objection
8.A.flashy B.relationship D.matchmaking
9.A.remind B.reliable C.determined D.self –esteem
10.A.donate B.slogan C.record D.mobility
II. Stress:
1.A. permission B. persuade C. potential D. tension
2.A. enthusiastic B. confidence C. tension D. matchmaking
3. A. enquire B. housekeeping C. responsibly D. enroll
4. A. protective B. fulfill C. motivated D. priority
5. A. management B. discourage C. advertise D. overcome
6. A. access B. burden C. campaign D. conflict
7. A. charity B. attitude C. counsellor D. disabled
8. A. argument B. impairment C. motivate D. physical
9. A. sympathetic B. humanitarian C. independent D. interpersonal
10. A. fashionable B. prioritise C. mobility D. experience
11.A. purpose B. confident C. policy D. provide
12.A. solidarity B. cooperation C. opportunity D. popularity
13.A. heritage B. development C.integrate D. principle
14.A. comfortable B. common C. financial D. conflict
15.A. society B. communication C. accept D. experience

III. Vocabulary & Grammar:
The ASEAN Vision 2020 agrees on a shared vision of ASEAN, living in peace, ____________, prosperity.
A. stability B. regularity C. firmness D. strength
The right of every nation is to lead its national existence free from external ____________ .
A. involvement B. prevention C. interference D. interruption
The ASEAN School Games focus on promoting ASEAN ____________ in the youth through school sports.
A. solidity B. support C. solidarity D. agreement
ASEAN is the dynamic and harmonious community that is aware and proud of its _________ , culture and heritage.
A. characteristic B. identity C. state D. variety
One of the purposes of ASEAN is to promote regional peace and ______.
A. conflict B. stability C. stabilization D. disturbance
I __________ with you that people shouldn’t drink and drive.
A. certainly agree B. am certainly agreeing
C. am certainly agreed D. agreecertainly
Now I __________ how difficult dancing is, so I’ll never criticize your performance any more.
A. amknowing B. knows C. know D. am known
Passengers ___ smoke until the signs have been switched off.
A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. mightn’t
9. There are a lot of tickets left, so you ___ pay for the tickets in advance.
A. mustn’t
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