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The first trial semester I E82017

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Người gửi: Hung Nguyen
Ngày gửi: 22h:47' 16-12-2017
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Số lượt tải: 395
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The First Trial Semester Test 1 – G8
I. USE OF ENGLISH: Write A, B, C, or D which best completes the sentences:
1. He is practicing magic. He is an (n) _______________
A. assistant B. magician C. cook D. demonstrator
2. The teacher encourages the _______________ of the pupils in each lesson.
A. pronunciation B. satisfaction C. behavior D. participation
3. She ran _________________ to catch the first bus
A. fast enough B. fast too C. enough fast D. enough slowly
4. At school pupils are taught to have good _______________
A. pride B. behavior C. highlight D. satisfaction
5. Would you like to participate in _______________
A. festival B. garden C. temple D. river
6. People need to save the natural ______________by participating in the recycling program
A. resutls B. review C. revision D. resources
7. Mary ended her story _______________
A. meaning B. meaningful C. meaningfully D. mean
8. You can’t make a comparison between beef and oranges, they are completely ___________
A. differ B. different C. difference D. differently
9. Children need to have good _______________
A. educate B. education C. educational D. educationally
10. You must look _______________ your children when they are playing.
A. around B. about C. after D. down
11. Do learners learn words _______________ the same way?
A. on B. in C. at D. for
12. Don’t try to learn all new words you come _______________ in a day
A. across B. into C. in D. over
13. Nam likes Na but she doen’t like________________
A. him B. her C. himself D. herself
14. It rained heavily, so the rourist had to go________________
A. off B. outside C. inside D. out
15. Coffee is Brazil’s main______________
A. producer B. product C. prodution D. productive
16. There are many activities that Y&Y members can take part _______________
A. on B. in C. of D. off
17. Who cared _______________ your grandma when she was ill?
A. after B. for C. of D. off
18. is there anything _______________ at school?
A. interest B. interests C. interested D. interesting
19. I phoned her, but she was out, so I _______________ a message
A. took B. left C. got D. asked
20. He can’t go to school because she has a _______________ arm.
A. break B. broke C. breaking D. broken

II. Supply the correct Tense of Form of the Verbs in parentheses:
1. The secretary __________ a notice to the young pioneers yesterday (write) 1.
2. Do you enjoy __________in the mountain on the weekends? ( hike) 2.
3. He does morning exercises regularly so as _______________ his health. ( improve) 3.
4. He often spends his free time ______________ speaking English ( practice) 4.
5. They ______________for this company since they graduated the university (work) 5.
6. How long _____________your homework? (you do) 6.
7. He tries his best _______________ this examination. (pass) 7.
8. The sun _______________ in the east (rise)
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