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the phrasal verb "COME"

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Nguồn: Suu tam
Người gửi: Kiều Minh Trí
Ngày gửi: 19h:19' 11-04-2009
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Số lượt tải: 87
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The basic meaning of many English verbs changes if the verb is used with a preposition. Such a verb is called a "phrasal verb" (verb + preposition).
For example, "I saw him" means something very different from "I saw through him." "To see through" means to figure out that someone is playing a trick on you.
"Come" is one of the common English verbs. Here are some uses of "come" with prepositions. Use them to figure out which prepositions go in the blanks in the sentences below.
come about. 1. To take place; happen.
come across. 1. To meet or find by chance. 2. Slang. a. To do what is wanted. b. To pay over money that is demanded. 3. To give an impression.
come along. 1. To make advances to a goal; progress. 2. To go with someone else who takes the lead. 3. To show up; appear.
come around. 1. To recover, revive. 2. To change one`s opinion or position.
come at. 1. To rush at; attack.
come back. 1. To return to or regain past success after a period of misfortune. 2. To retort; reply. 3. To recur to the memory.
come by. 1. To gain possession of; acquire. 2. To pay a visit.
come down. 1. To lose wealth or position. 2.a. To pass or be handed down by tradition. 3. Slang. To happen; occur.
come down to. To lead to a final result; to come to a final conclusion.
come down on. To criticize harshly.
come down with. To contract an illness.
come in. 1.a. To arrive. b. To start producing. Used of an oil well. 2. To arrive among those who finish a contest or race.
come in for. To receive criticism or punishment.
come into. To acquire, especially as an inheritance.
come into (one’s own). To succeed.
come off. 1. To happen; occur.
come on. 1. To convey a particular personal image. 2. Slang. To show sexual interest in someone. 3 To hurry up; move rapidly. Often used in the imperative.
come out. 1. To become known. 2. To be issued or brought out. 3. To make a formal social debut. 4. To end up; result. 5. To declare oneself publicly. 6. To reveal that one is gay or homosexual.
come out with. 1. To put into words; say.
come over. 1. To change sides, as in a controversy. 2. To pay a casual visit.
come through. 1. To do what is required or anticipated.
come to. 1. To recover consciousness. 2. Nautical. a. To bring the bow into the wind. b. To anchor.
come up. 1. To manifest itself; arise. 2. To rise above the horizon. 3. To rise, as in status or rank. 4. To draw near; approach.
come upon. To discover or meet by accident.
1. At the beginning of his speech, he came __________ one of the most astonishing statements I’ve heard.
2. Because I was walking so slowly, she kept saying, "Come __________, come __________ !"
3. Fangio came __________ first in the Italian Grand Prix race.
4. I don’t know why, but he comes __________ as an untrustworthy person.
5. I’ve met him only once, but he comes __________ as a very sincere person.
6. It is often difficult to come __________ to one’s parents.
7. She said she would come __________ to see me after I got out of the hospital.
8. The city’s economy is coming __________ slowly after the last recession.
9. The deer came __________ slowly and ate directly from my hand.
10. The finals of the World Cup came __________ an exciting game between Italy and Brazil.
11. The party came __________ as planned. It was a big success.
12. The tour guide told us all to come __________ as he started up the mountain.
13. Unexpectedly, a street gang came __________ us as we walked through the deserted neighborhood.
14. We’re counting on you. I hope you will come __________ when the campaign starts.
15. What time did the sun come __________ today?
16. When did you come __________ such a bad cold.
17. When does the next Playboy come __________ ?
18. When his father died, he came __________ more than a million dollars.
19. Within minutes after the thief hit my head, I came __________ and started describing him to the police.
20. Yesterday was my lucky day. I came __________
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