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Ngày gửi: 21h:16' 28-07-2019
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I. Choose the word that has the underlined (letters) pronounced differently from the others.
A. spread B. disease C. health D. pleasure
A. flood B. good C. foot D. look
A. bumper B. result C. mud D. resurface
A. crop B. export C. shortage D. resort
A. lifestyle B. village C. science D. widen
A. canal B. atmosphere C. replace D. narrow
A. story B. produce C. motorbike D. introduce
A. college B. export C. technology D. shopping
A. enclose B. expensive C. slippery D. department
A. straw B. simple C. suburb D. resort

A. famous B. nervous C. dangerous D. mountain
A. town B. cow C. snow D. brown
A. road B. boast C. coach D. oar
A. announce B. country C. housewife D. counterpart
A. home B. note C. close D. come
A. how B. show C. tomorrow D.sorrow
A. opposite B. rose C. phone D. hotel
A. trouser B. trouble C. count D. sound
A. narrow B. slow C. vowel D.grow
A. soap B. goal C. coast D. board
II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.
A. story B. village C. science D. result
A. produce B. college C. better D. method
A. simple B. lifestyle C. sometimes D. appear
A. bumper B. shortage C. effect D. finish
A. improve B. knowledge C. suburb D. lorry
A. community B. technology C. entertainment D.conditional
A.medical B. exactly C. resurface D. important
A. atmosphere B. department C. opposite D. slippery
A. canal B. replace C. enclose D. follow
A. manage B. export C. widen D. product
III. Choose the one word or phrase - b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
The recent heavy rains have helped to ease the water .................
A. supply B. poverty C. plenty D. shortage
I wanted to work somewhere where I could serve the ............
A. village B. community C. town D. country
They tried to find a way of bettering their lives.
A. moving B. changing C. achieving D. improving
He came in tired and hungry and badly ................ need of a bath.
A. for B. to C. on D. in
Last year we had a bumper crop of strawberries.
A. large crop B. poor crop C. early crop D. record crop
I don`t like quizzes because my general so poor.
A. appearance B. memory C. knowledge D. thinking
The house had been................three apartments.
A. turned in B. put in C. pulled down D. turned into
I`ll speak to her as soon as she comes out of the meeting.
A. goes to B. appears C. leaves D. attends
Most of the roads in the city have been ...................recently.
A. replaced B. resurfaced C. removed D. returned
Is all this technology making our.................... simpler?
A. life B. life’s C. livings D. lives
In rainy seasons roads in the village are always …………………...
A. mud B. muddy C. mudding D. mudded
Rice, bean, and corn are ………………..products.
A. industrial B. sea C. agricultural D. forestry
Farmers work in the ……………….
A. field B. factory C. construction site D. bank
Most people in the poor villages live in ……………….
A. flats B. cottages C. villas D. high rise buildings
Go straight on and …………………the third turning on the right.
A. get B. make C
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