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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 12h:35' 20-05-2015
Dung lượng: 36.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 33
Số lượt thích: 0 người
(ĐỀ LUYỆN 043)
Thờigian: 90 phút

Câu 1-5: Chọnmộttừtrongsố A, B, C, hoặc D cáctừđãchocóvịtrítrọngâmkhác so vớicáctừcònlạitrongcùngmộtnhóm.
1. A. favorite B. talkative C. successful D. beautiful
2. A. agency B. memory C. encounter D. influence
3. A. disease B. aspect C. design D. adhere
4. A. accessible B. account C. alternative D. ancestry
5. A. artist B. teacher C. cashier D. pilot
Câu 6-10: Chọntừ/ cụmtừthíchhợpnhấttrongsốcácgợi ý A,B,C, hoặc D đểđiềnvàomỗitrongsốcáckhoảngtrốngtrongcáccâuvănsauđây.
6. I’d been standing in the queue for an hour and was beginning to get rather ______.
A. patient B. patience C. impatience D. impatient
7. It’s ______ not being able to speak a foreign language.
A. frustrated B. frustrations C. frustrating D. frustrates (vỡmộng)
8. She was tormented by feelings of ______.
A. guilty B. guilt C. guiltlessness D. guiltless
9. Having our passports stolen was a rather ______ start to the holiday.
A. fortune B. unfortuned C. unfortunate D. unfortunately
10. This statue ______ the soldiers who died in the war.
A. memorizes B. memorial C. commemorates (đàichiếnthắng) D. commemorizes
Câu 11-30: Chọntừ/ cụmtừthíchhợpnhấttrongsốcácgợi ý A,B,C, hoặc D đểđiềnvàomỗitrongsốcáckhoảngtrốngtrongcáccâuvănsauđây.
11. I _____ you can swim so well and I can’t.
A. hate B. hate it that C. hate that D. hate it
12. _____ resigned, we would have been forced to sack him.
A. Had he not B. Hadn’t he C. He had not D. He not had
13. I ______ with the performance, but I got flu the day before.
A. was to have helped B. helped C. was to help D. had helped
14. We should use ______ time we have available to discuss Jon’s proposal.
A. the little of B. the a little C. the few D. the little
15. I told him that he couldn’t hope to catch a big fish ____ a small rod like that, but he insisted ___ trying.
A. with / on B. by / about C. with / about D. by / on
16. According to research reports, people usually ______ in their sleep 25 to 30 times each night.
A. turn (trởmình, gấplại, thulại) B. are turning C. have turned D. turned
17. Jane’s eyes burned and her shoulders ached. She ___ at the computer for 5 straight hours. Finally, she took a break. A. is sitting B. has been sitting C. was sitting D. had been sitting
18. “Why are you so sure that Ann didn’t commit the crime she’s been accused of committing?”
“She ______ that crime because I was with her, and we were out of town on that day.”
A. may not have committed B. wasn’t supposed to commit C. committed D. couldn’t have committed
19. “I ______ there at 6 P.M. for the meeting, but my car won’t start. Could you please give me a lift in your car.” – “Sure. Are you ready to go now?”
A. will be B. may be C. supposed to be D. have got to be
20. “When ______?” – “In 1928.”
A. penicillin was discovered B. did penicillin discovered C. was penicillin discovered D. did penicillin discover
21. George is ______ Lisa.
A. marry with B. marry to C. married with D. married to
22. The painting was beautiful. I stood there ____ it for a long time.
A. for admiring B. being admired C. admire D. admiring
23. I was enjoying my book, but I stopped ____ a program on TV.
A. reading to watch
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